GingerCris – Poo Sack Game – Attempt #1 ($21.99 ScatShop)

Filmed and encoded in 1080p at 60fps! Guaranteed to make your cock explode with sticky nut-butter! 🍆💦

Have you even imagined being smothered and suffocated in your own shit? Well…that’s exactly what I did in this video. It’s called the Poo Sack Game and I think this would make a great TikTok challenge. LOL OMG the smell is intense! With every breath, my lungs would fill with the sweet aroma of my fresh scat. As I pushed it around my face, it covered my tongue and filled my nose. I could barely see when I was done because my face was covered in so much shit. 👩🏻🦰💩

Little known fact…shit is great for your skin. That’s why I have such amazingly beautiful skin…I regularly cover my body with my own shit. You should try it sometime!

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Human Toilet Paper 1-5 – Brown Tongue with kinkpeek

20 Year-old budding Dominatrix Lady Sinthia Payne is training Her slave to love the smell and taste of EVERYTHING that comes from Her Goddess body. She starts this clip on the toilet, relieving Herself of Her *ahem* solid-waste, when She comes up with the idea to make Her slave clean up Her dirty asshole afterward. She hides the toilet paper and summons “bitch-boy” into the bathroom.

She asks him why he wan’t at Her feet while She was on the toilet, because She wants to start his toilet training today. He is confused and asks “where’s the toilet paper, Mistress?”. She informs him that he will be doing the cleaning “with your tongue”. She stands up and spreads Her magnificent cheeks apart, exposing Her filthy asshole to the whining slave. He slowly approaches as She threatens him if he doesn’t. “Really get in there!” She orders him as he gags at the taste. She continues to tell him that She expects it to be spotless. Great close-ups of the slave’s tongue going directly into Her dirty anus – She even farts in his face! Finally, he announces that it’s clean, so She tests this by wiping deeply. Unfortunately for the slave, the toilet paper is NOT clean, and so She informs him of his forthcoming punishment “we’ll have to have some fun later”.

Princess Veronica Valentine and Mistress Sailor Luna are training their slave to love all things ASS. They have already punished him whenever he gets hard for pussy, and then rewarded him and stimulated his worthless cock when his tongue was tasting a Mistress’ delicious rosebud. The two gorgeous, budding young Female Supremacists approach the bound and blindfolded slave. They explain to him that now that they’ve been successful in re-orienting him to LOVE the taste of a Goddess’ anus, they are taking his Ass Re-Orientation training to its logical, final conclusion: turning him into a full human toilet! They tell the slave since he’s always been a big brown noser, this is a perfect role for him. Princess Veronica announces this as She lowers Her filthy ass to the un-suspecting slave’s mouth.He recoils, gags and screams but She isn’t in the mood for it; when She finds he isn’t licking up Her caviar She orders him to get his tongue deep in Her asshole, as Mistress Luna jacks his pathetic cock. The slave has no choice but to start licking Her gorgeous but dirty ass, licking up every morsel of Her precious waste.

Mistress Luna is next, and starts by making the slave suck out Her filthy panties (the Ladies clearly used no toilet paper). The slave is gagging and retching and is probably better off not seeing the filthy mess that he is consuming; She makes him hold his tongue out so She can clean the mess in the crotch of the truly disgusting panties. She leaves them on his for to keep him company as they leave the humiliated slave – now a toilet slave – for the night. Not for the squeamish, but we feel most toilet slaves will make this clip a prized part of their collection. As hardcore as it gets.

It’s 3am and Mistress Luna has been out all night, drinking too much whisky and partying with Her boyfriend, before getting a little bit sick (Whisky gives Her the runs) and Her and Her boyfriend fucked multiple times, with him cumming inside Her multiple times. She is still tipsy but is really messy and requires Her slave – who is bound securely to the Queening/Facesitting chair – to lick BOTH of Her filthy holes clean.

A double treat for the lucky slave, a “Chocolate Cream Pie”. To make it even more humiliating for the hapless loser, She is going to film him doing it Herself – to send to his girlfriend and his friends, so they can see what he dumped her to do for Mistress Luna. The ungrateful slave screams and cries but She will have none of it, and simply plants Her filthy anus directly onto his mouth, forcing him to “…lick harder, licker faster, lick stronger, lick deeper…lick better for ME…” and “…GET IT, GET IT ALL”. He is retching and gagging, but She will not let him stop until Her rosebud is spotless (we think he missed a spot in the back).

Mistress Luna then reverses direction and has the slave start eating Her glorious Womanhood; which seems to have very little cum in it…but it was just deep inside Her, as She pushes and that starts a flow of thick, viscous and “chunky” cum, that the lucky slave ungratefully gags on…which only pushes Mistress Luna to dig Her fingers deep inside, on a mission, to find MORE creamy goodness for the licking loser’s dinner. A really nasty clip.

Mistress Stephie Staar has been progressively training Her slave to be a full toilet, and has lately been depriving him of food in order to “stimulate” his appetite. When She enters the dungeon, the slave is bound to the bondage bench and when She announces that She’s brought dinner from “Taco B*ll”, he gets excited, but when She mounts his helpless form and Her magnificent ass descends upon his hapless face, he realizes that this is a “recycled” dinner. He pleads and begs Her: “Please Mistress, don’t make me do this!”, but Mistress Stephie tells him “C’mon, it’s delicious, I thought you were hungry? Get your tongue out and lick it up! You don’t want to be ungrateful, do you?. Great close-ups of the slave’s brown tongue, as he licks and sucks up the sticky mess. He is choking and gagging but knows there is no use, so he keeps doing his cleaning duty. Mistress repeatedly asks him if it’s clean, but She tells him “it better be, or you’ll get the cane”. After the outside is completely cleaned, he then goes to work on the inside. Mistress tells him to “point your tongue” and get all of the morsels deep inside Her delicious rectum.

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Lesbian Love Scat XXL And Liters Of Pee Swallow With 3 Top Babes poop videos xxx

New lesbian love scat and pee movie with mega XXL scat and mega liters of piss with 3 epic girls and all directly into the wide-opened mouth of our sweet girl! Really it’s maybe one of the most scat and pee amounts you may ever see before. Also, swallow scat and swallow pee are guaranteed. All the movie is scat love and without domination, so hot how the two girls kissing deeply each other while the girl on the floor is masturbating her pussy with the warm sexy shit of the two other sexy babes. A lot of times pee in this movie and also a lot of times scat! Mega hot scat movie as you expect from SG-VIDEO. This movie will never be boring, there will always be some sexy and dirty thing, or pee or scat, or other unexpected sexy moments with caviar and piss. Please let us know which was your favorite model in that poop movie and write in the comments.

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Spicy Pasta – Lizandra, Giovanna (

Title: Spicy Pasta
Cast: Lizandra, Giovanna
Genre: Scat, Piss, Spit, Vomit, Big shit, Lesbian, Eat shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:31:36

Lizandra just woke up and her girlfriend made a delicious meal for lunch. They talk a little about the great sex they made last night, and when these two begin to eat, they realize that the pasta is tasteless. They think about what to do to improve the taste of it, but the solution they find is something peculiar, delicious and exciting… They’ll shit in the pasta! Excited with the idea, these two shit in the bowl of pasta and eat it delighting themselves, quenching the hunger and getting excited with the whole situation. They seize the moment for a delicious lesbian sex, where they rub their pussies and lick their dirty asses. It’s such a delicious meal that you’ll want to be there too!

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Spicy Pasta

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DirtyBetty – Silent Huge Load Lullaby ($18.99 ScatShop)

– “This dirty shitty siren sings a real lullaby inaudible until the warm rays chase away the agonizing expectation of dawn in the company of this huge sexy ass, ready to torture you with fragrant treats all night long. Now you are in her power, and the only way to avoid her dirty torture it is to open your eyes and wake up… you are trying hard to do it, but her soft stuffed with fresh fragrant, and warm shit is already so close that your strength leaves you and you stick your nose right into her dirty hole. You no longer need to breathe, now you are her disembodied servant, and all you can do is listen to her silent lullaby while remaining locked in this absurd world of filthy desires and stinking actions!”
– “Are you kidding? Is this your real description of the video?”
– “Yes, something like that would sound cool!”
– “And where is something in the spirit of hashtags or the names of the main actions”?
– “Oh, you’re whining again, since you can write the description yourself”
“Ok, ok, I think this style of description suits your personality.”

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NaomiBobba – Poopoo and eating (€19.99 YezziClips)

I can’t think of shitting without thinking of you so here is my first poop of the day on camera for you. PS; the fan who bought quick release, this video is in the squatting position just for you.

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TinaAmazon – Bodysuit leg view (€12.99 YezziClips)

Watch me tease you with my ass and then poo in my leggings and bodysuit . Then i spread my filthy asshole and tease you with it . Finally show you my big load and remind you to clean it up .

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