HIS FIRST SCAT MEAL with Mistress Gaia (19.99€ YezzClips)

oday I have a slave that wants to receive specific training. He would like to have the pleasure of eating my shit, and washing it down with my pee. I begin with him on his back, and allow him to play with his cock. I want to see how excited he can get. As we progress, I notice that his cock isn’t getting hard. I humiliate him and tell him he’s a wimp, and his cock is useless. I also give him the instructions as to what to expect from the training session. First he has to lick my boots before we even get to anything apetising. As we progress, I allow him the luxury of a little bit of my shit and he has to swallow it. As his cock is still limp, I get a leather strap and tie it tight around his balls and stretch it. This should make him a bit more uncomfortable. It’s time for him to eat more of my shit and drink my pee. As I shit in his mouth, I tell him he must chew and swallow all of it. When he’s finished, I sit astride his face and allow him the luxury of my amber nectar as I pee directly into his mouth. He has to swallow all my pee, or I’ll punish him severely. With his training session almost over. He has made a bit of a mess, and I order him to clean up everything. What a filthy slut…


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