OMG! Sexy Ass Furry Scat POV starring in video Dirty Betty ($28.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

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“Outside the window is October, all people dress up in various costumes of heroes and creatures .. and only my dog ​​decided to dress up in a Dirty Betty costume, she asked me to turn on the camera, install a sex machine … – Now you will see huge heaps of fresh, warm and fragrant shit – she said!
Honestly, even then I realized what would happen now, I have been fans of SweetBettyParlour for many years, and I was pleasantly surprised that my dog ​​decided to convert into my favorite heroine! After a while I entered the room and saw my a pet in a Betty costume, I could hardly believe that this costume looks so realistic, a huge throbbing ass, sexy tits with tender nipples… But what to do with the famous “huge, warm and fragrant shit”? At this moment the dog admitted that he had eaten too much grass for a walk, and now she is tormented by constipation … well, well, I just have to help my pet transform into SweetBettyParlour character!
I began to squeeze out a huge piece of shit, which my disguised “Betty” immediately began to smear on her horny pussy!
Then there were abundant streams of urine, smearing of shit as well as anal sex with a sex machine and much more … ”
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Length: 12:10s
Resolution: 3840×2160
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 891 MB

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