AutumnYoung – **DADDY SHIT ON ME** TRIPLE~FEATURE ($15.99 ScatShop)


#1 – DADDY Shits On Me& Makes Me Cum Hard (This was our very first video we did together!!)

Mr. Young and I share our private shit and smear session. I get shit on and smear it everywhere while I clean his dirty ass and suck his asshole clean. He exits and I then play and masturbate while shit covered licking my delicious shit off my hands. He then comes back in and sits on my face while I masturbate more and play with my huge shit covered tits and climax while sucking shit out of his asshole.

#2 – SHIT On Me Daddy So I Can Cum

I was masturbating when Daddy walks in and he is so nice to help me cum that he shits an my chest while I am rubbing my beautiful big pussy and with his big load on my chest I cum so hard. Really nice closeup of shit and my pussy.


I am playing with my pussy getting close to cumming and need Daddy to help me CUM. He straddles my chest and takes a huge dump right on my stomach and tits!! Getting me hotter and hotter he then pisses on me as I rub it in, pissing on my clit and his shit.

I bang my pussy till I cum really hard.

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16 mins…….DOUBLE FEATURE – TWO Prolapse Videos ($19.99 ScatShop)

BOTH OF MY PROLAPSE VIDEOS!!! ONE PRICE!! A $15.00 Savings!!!!!!!

FIRST VIDEO is HUGE Pulsing PROLAPSE Full Rosebud!!! YUMMY! – Over 5 minutes long!! I poo little hard turds even though it’s felt like I had to poo soooo badly! I am laying in the birthing position and pushing and pushing and have a HUGE PULSING PROLAPSED beautiful rosebud!

I hadn’t been feeling well and hadn’t been eating much but I felt like I needed to take the biggest poop!! My belly felt really full so I got in the birthing position and push and push and my entire rosebud shows herself and pulses in and out for you.

It’s so amazing! I even finger my own butthole trying to stimulate more poop to come out.

It was the next day though that all the poop finally came out. And boy was it rushing out! It’s my
Clip called “LOAD FROM HELL!” And that poop really snuck up on me and I almost pooped my pants on the way in the door! It’s a nice big huge load! And oh did it feel so good to release!

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WHAT’S BIGGER????? My Load or My Prolapse!!!!!! ($12.99 ScatShop)

OVER 11 MINUTES LONG!!! My Biggest Longest Prolapse Full Rosebud Yet Everyone!!! The SNEAK PEAK is NOTHING COMPARED TO WHATS ON THE VIDEO Promise!

I had held my shit for 2 days and had been out dancing that evening and had a hard time holding it all night but managed somehow!! After I got home I decided to have some fun and while still in my leather dress I get on the counter, squatting and drop a HUUGGEEEE Load onto the plate on the floor below….Splat!!! And then even more after pushing and grunting it out.
I get down off the counter and then the fun starts! I smell my yummy shit and feel it in my hands and dissect parts that are darker and lighter….. feeling the texture of it. I then take my dildo and dip it in and try and shove my shit back where it came from. I easily slide my huge dildo up my ass with no lube and fuck my ass with it. I shit my dildo out and out comes another log even more knobbly.

I take the knobbly log and taste it and suck on it and then I try and shove that back where it came from with my hands. I grab more of my yummy shit and try and shove that back up my asshole too! I really start prolapsing and playing with my HUGE rosebud! I play with my asshole and my prolapsed rosebud and suck it back in and out and really push her out and enjoy the feel of how far she is stuck out for anyone to suck on and touch. I finger myself and squirt while I’m still prolapsed and feeling so good!!
I fuck my ass with my dildo even more and smear my delicious shit on myself. This is the best video I have done yet and I really loved making it for you!!! ENJOY!!!!!

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HUGE Creamy Masturbation Panty Poop ($12.99 ScatShop)

I was so desperate to releases I even pooped before I tried to poop staining my little butt hole and show you before I start an up close shot of my dirty butt hole.

I really got a squishy panty poop and smear it up in my crack and really get hot playing with my shit. I cum really hard and make sure you have some really great closeups of my release. There were a couple different times I release in this video. I REALLY HUGE AMOUNT!!! Really hot fun!!!

From your favorite redhead!

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Foot Fuck Dirty BJ starring in video AutumnYoung ($16.99 ScatShop) – Smearing

Foot Fuck Dirty BJ Panty Poop

SO….. This is my first Panty Poop Foot Fuck video EVER!!! It was so fun and I really loved!!!! feeling all that beautiful poop all over my feet and on my bottom really made me hot.

I push the panties back into my butt and pull them out and push them back in letting you really see my butt and the panties. It really is hot and wants to cum so I really got into it and made my pussy cum.

Then with my dirty feet I give my man a really great dirty foot job and then can’t help but stick that beautiful dirty cock in my mouth and suck him off.

From your favorite couple and redhead!
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