Ebony Scat Slave starring in video Dr.Brownsensation ($16.99 ScatShop)

DR. Brownsensation saving the world with one load of shit at a time. I gave my patient exactly what he needed, a big turd and a stream of piss. Putting his dick in my dirty ass and blowing his load on me seems to got him feeling better.

Wow I just took my lady to the eye doctor and the booty on the examiner was so big and mind blowing.
I’ve read articles on poop being a medicine for cures and scientist break formulas down to pills.
This is so that people can take it without the taste being too strong. My lady told me she SO WISHES
she could get a Dookie Dosage of Medicine from the Eye Dr’s. Asshole like your doing in this scene lol.

Brownsensation is a dream woman she already showed she can take care of a man in the kitchen with her
brownies. She has big Sexy Cow Utter Tits a man can suck on for Milk. and she has a Big Phat Butt Full of
Nourishing SHiT stored to Nurse us back to Health.

My apologies for us not staying up with some of the videos to give our ratings But we can assure you we will
always be here for scenes we just cant resist..

Love the full body shots and how you put that turd on that bitches ass and how she still had to let out another
Rottweiler Stank Demon Dog Turd after fucking… Serves her right ..She’s so damn sexy..

We love seeing and discovering whats in this Big Butt Bitch ASS… Collard Greens Corn Bread, Potato Salad etc..
.. Awesome way to expose a Jezebel Controlling THoT .. Karma’s a Bitch
They all deserve this treatment!!… We Fucking Love It!! SHE IS SUPER FINE!!

You guys are fucking AMazing!!! , Hope to see some High Heels Crawling and spanking in some up and coming videos


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