Handcuffed Enema Humiliation – Custom Request starring in video CosmicGirl ($9.99 ScatShop)

Request Details: The video will start with the model wearing white or grey leggings with no panties, pulling them down to her ankles and administering an Enema. After taking the enema the model will sit down on the toilet to get ready to release… However, the model has an outstanding warrant for her arrest for suspected drug possession. As she is sitting on the toilet a police officer throws her to the ground and handcuffs her behind her back, the officer pulls up her leggings for some decency, but still leaves her on the floor struggling for a while, whilst requesting transport, not realising that the model is extremely desperate to relax her bowels and release a massive load in her leggings. The model is still struggling on the floor at this point while the officer is busy requesting a transport van. The following is the most important part of the video. The model will struggle on the floor for a good few mins, really expressing how much they have to shit (Squirming/Wiggling/Clenching ass/crossing legs etc) and after those few minutes of pure, extreme desperation, the model will release a massive load into her leggings making a massive explosion and a bigger mess with a big moan to follow. The model will be very embarrassed at this point, lying bound by handcuffs with shit all over her leggings, unable to do anything but wait until the officer returns. The officer returns, stands the model up, removes the cuffs and demands that the model undergoes a strip search as the crime is drug related. The model is in disbelief at the thought of having to expose herself after going through what is already the most embarrassing experience of her life so far, so naturally she pleads, but to no avail. She reluctantly removes her shirt and bra, lifting both breasts to show there are no hidden narcotics there. She then slowly pulls down her leggings and takes them off completely, standing in a puddle of her own shit. The officer requests the model to show the inside of her shit covered leggings as part of the search. and then tells the model to turn around in a 360 degree motion showing her whole body, front and back. The last part of the search includes the squatting and coughing stage. The model will face the camera, place her hands on her head and squat, coughing twice. The model will then turn away from the camera showing her ass, again squatting and coughing. Lastly the model will turn from the camera, bend over and spread her ass cheeks in the last part of the search. The officer, frustrated that he hasn’t found anything illegal in the models possession, handcuffs the model again and throws her to the floor. The video will end with the model crying in pure utter embarrassment with her spirit completely broken. My only request prior to the video would be that the model holds her shit in for 2-3 days or for as long as possible, to ensure of a big and messy load! (I am aware most models only film solo which is no problem at all so in scenes with the officer feel free to be creative with angles to make appear that the officer is off camera or just whatever suits. The officer also doesn’t have to actually say anything either, as long as the model is making it clear of the basics the officer is saying based on the models responses) Please focus on the desperation and embarrassment as the main focal points of the video.

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The post SALE! My Best Selling Panty Poop Videos! ($9.99 ScatShop) first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.