Special Delivery Compilation starring in video GingerCris Part 1-2 ($30.99 ScatShop)

Filmed in 1080p/60fps. I know that some of you…ok…*most* of you…just enjoy watching little girls shit. Then you’ll love this series. When my Fans buy a load of my Colombian butt fudge…they often request a ‘delivery video’. They just want to see that the shit I am sending them is coming from my ass. And I thought you dirty, perverted men would really enjoy watching me make these delivery videos. So…this is Part 1 of the series. There will be move to come. I hope you jerk your cock so much watching my asshole squeeze out my delicious, creamy shit.

Filmed in 1080p/60fps. Here is the second installment…Part 2…of the Special_Delivery_Compilation series. It includes 3 more delicious scenes of me preparing hot, creamy loads of shit for 3 of my biggest Fans. I was a bit more creative with these 3. In the first scene, you may think…she looks ready to go out..and that would be true. I was leaving for school and the urge to shit was overwhelming…so I skipped my first class and made that delicious video. I was a little hungry so I ate a quick bite of my own disgusting shit before going to class. I’m sure my classmates could tell something was different that day. I never promise PiP…but 2 of these 3 scenes include PiP. I think your cock will explode before you finish the 2nd scene. LOL. I enjoyed making these videos and I hope you enjoy watching them…you nasty boys!


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Scat tennis starring in video Daddysaysgo (Scatbook)

Here I am lying on the floor while I wait for you: I’m wearing a cute pink sweatshirt with a teddy bear and some white panties and tennis shoes. I start by telling you that I was watching a TV series but I was really bored. I stand up, close the window a little and go back to sit on the ground. I put the camera on the ground and put the panties in front of your eyes … I push … I start to pee but not only … they also get dirty with hot shit on the back and you start to see the brown stripe. How sexy and hot it is! I take them off in front of your nose and little pieces of shit fall to the ground even on my shoes … while I lick my dirty panties I also lick my tennis shoes and kiss the dirty shit sole. Then to finish I take a lollipop I stick it in my dirty asshole and with a vibrator I cum in multiple clitoral orgasms with visible contractions!


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Dirty Little Breeder starring in video GingerCris ($19.99 ScatShop)

Description: Would you like to make a baby with this filthy little slut? Watch as I piss and shit in my panties and then destroy my pussy while I’m covered in my delicious, chocolate scat. Honestly…fingering my ass with my shitty panties makes my pussy so wet.

Categories: Panty/Jean Pooping, Pee, Scat, Smearing


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