ModelNatalya94 – Anal games on the kitchen table ($12.99 ScatShop)

I was bored at home and I wanted entertainment . I took the rubber cock and put it on the kitchen table , she stripped naked leaving only stockings turned on the video camera and pressed record . First video I caress the Dildo, sucking it out of her mouth I love when men pull out his dick and I go down and take his cock with my lips and begin to caress him , running my tongue around the tip of my cock . I caress the rubber member , but I want more than just to caress him I want him inside me , I climb on the table put your legs and put the dick in pussy and start jumping on it like a rider , how sweet he is to me , this is so cool , I love to fuck when a man from the bottom and I sit like a rider on it from the top . I change posture turn to the camera ass and put it inside a rubber cock up your ass and fuck yourself , I’m making a few movements up and down, fully inserting in his ass the rubber cock up and cock covered in shit . I pull the rubber cock from his ass and shit on the kitchen table and the rubber member . About fucking what a relief , shit don’t stop coming out of my open ass . Go to the toilet to the table, I again sit down dirty shit anus on a rubber cock and again fucked themselves in the ass . My ass loves when someone enters it . I sit even deeper ass on the rubber cock , as shit in my ass no more and she is ready to fully absorb the rubber cock , playing with his zadnem I peel off the rubber cock he’s covered in shit and start to lick it suck lick the shit off my favorite toy !

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You Will Eat All My Shit… Don’t be sorry! ($17.99 ScatShop)

I hope you’re excited to be “fed” by your Mistress, sweety. I’ll be making you my hot, steaming shit dinner for the evening. I know how hungry you must be, how much you must be looking forward to me feeding you a special thick shit again. I absolutely love feeding you, babe. The first time you told me you wanted to eat my shit, I was shocked… but soo curious, I already loved how much you couldn’t get enough of eating my ass, and eating my shit well! I’m so turned on knowing how obsessed you are with my ass and shit. I shit your dinner for you on a toilet bowl, and pull my cheeks apart after I poop, so you can clean my asshole and suck it clean… your tongue is even better than toilet paper, stupid! ? Now open wide, and enjoy ?

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Jeans Poop After Our Mexican Food Date & Laxative ($8.99 ScatShop)

You are sneaky! You invited me to a Mexican dinner I am sure to make me fart and shit really big! But I am sneaky too! I took a laxative 3 or 4 hours before our date so I could be ure to give you a great jeans shitting show after our date!
We are at my house drinking coffee (also helps to stimulate my poop!) after our dinner and I start to feel the pain and cramps in my tummy from the laxative mixing with the beef enchiladas LOL. I start to let it out and it feels all liquidy, I’m moaning and groaning as it is hard to push out….but it is a weird mix of liquid and semi-hard squishy shit!
My light-colored jeans get all nice and visibly stained for your viewing pleasure :O) Watch the big load stain and expand in my jeans…then I take them off for you and show you the hit smashed on my ass like a Rorschach test LOL. Then I zoom in on the big load in my jeans on the floor.
Thanks for the nice date!! ;O)

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Fishing Accident In Dire Waters starring in video JanaBella | Full HD 1080p | January 11, 2022 ($64.99 ScatShop) – Desperation

(Alternative title: I make my own brand of Mate)

Pretend diarrhea (did an enema) and dirty talk related to poo, dirty stories, dirty anal play with fingering, shitting in a bottle, spreading my ass cheeks and close-ups.

Vorgetäuschter Durchfall (Einlauf vor dem Dreh), und Dirty Talk über Kacke, schmutzige Geschichten, schmutzige Analspiele mit Fingern, Kacken in eine Flasche, meine Arschbacken spreizen und Nahaufnahmen.

Length: 20:10s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 749 MB

Sold By: : JanaBella
Categories: Desperation, Enema, Poop Videos, Scat

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ModelNatalya94 – Olga’s BDSM play and eats poop ($25.99 ScatShop)

In this video you will see how Olga plays her BDSM game and eats poop. Olga was sitting on the floor with her arms and legs tied, she was fastened with a chain and could not move far. Olga is surrounded by toys that she plans to use. On Olga’s tits bondage. And so Olga lies down on the floor and frees her hands. She takes a plastic spatula and hits herself on the ass, on her buttocks, on the anus. Olga does not spare her body and the blows are strong to such an extent that the ass turns red. Then Olga raises her legs and inserts the handle from the shoulder blade into her pussy and fucks herself. Olga brings herself to the first orgasm, she pulls a shoulder blade out of her pussy and pisses on the floor. Then Olga turns on her side, continues to hit her buttocks with a spatula. Then Olga poops lying on the floor and shit flows down her buttocks to the floor. Olga takes her rubber dick and fucks her ass very intensively, and then a little slower, since Olga’s mouth is sealed with tape, she cannot scream loudly, you can only see her emotions in her eyes. Olga fucked herself and another orgasm reached its peak. then Olga takes a thicker phalos and continues to fuck her anal. Olga just as intensely fucks her ass and does not get the phalos out of the anus, but sit on it. Olga removes the tape from her mouth and fucks her mouth with the second phalos. Then Olga removes the tape from her legs, unties them and sit on the phalos with her legs apart. There is a bunch of shit in front of her and Olga decides to eat shit. Olga sits on a phalos and fucks her anal and at the same time she bends over and eats shit. She takes small portions of shit from the floor into her mouth and with the second phalos she pushes the shit deeper into her throat. thus Olga ate all the shit, one phalos in her ass and the second in her mouth. At the end, Olga spread her legs and still fucked herself in anal sex. Olga never got the phalos out of her ass until the end of the video. Olga said goodbye to you and sent a hot and dirty kiss to you. A very hot and dirty show from Olga is waiting for you.

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VibeWithMolly – SUPER MESSY UNDERWEAR POOP! ($11.99 ScatShop)

I held this poop in for far too long! I literally exploded in my underwear in doggy style. Watch the shit squish around my thong! My butt is covered! I show it off for you then jump in the shower! Yes those are bruises from a fun weekend and yes this is a super messy video! I hope you enjoy.

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Fetidistrojp – Extracting Poop for Pleasure! ($14.99 ScatShop)

The female instructor told her lesbian student to stay on the classroom. As soon as the class hours finished, the female instructor quickly grabbed the lesbian’s short plaids, exposing her white undergarment. The lesbian student groaned, as her female instructor grants her sexual fantasies. Later on, the lesbian student was ordered to lay flat on the floor. The student followed, wondering why her female instructor is inserting her fingers on her butthole. The lesbian student watched as she saw liquid turd pouring on the instructor’s anus. The female instructor told her student that she has been fantasizing to pour her liquid scat to the lesbian student’s uniform. The student was shocked with it, but as she could not do anything as she finds her white clothing drenched with the female instructor’s liquid turd. The female instructor held her sticky scat with her bare hands, spreading it further on the student’s clothing—and right into her small face. Now that the student’s clothing are filled with earthy-scented crap, the instructor released her vibrator and began rubbing the lesbian student’s clit. The student finds herself moaning, as if there’s no turd covering her entire body. Finally, the two torridly kissed each other, ending their messy and stinky foreplay.

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MissAnja – Huge Load Of Diarrhea On Toilet Lid ($16.99 ScatShop)

The video filmed in 4K resolution!
From the beginning I need to poo badly and suffering a lot. I have no idea how I going to hold it for so long probably no way.
I feel how this nasty poo leaking out of my asshole and made dirty my cute panty with some skid marks on.
I show off you bending over this poopy smeared asshole. So my poo which is actually looks a gross diarrhea still leaking out of me. Stinky and disgusting to look.
My belly so big full of shit obviously. I tell you going to shit a big one so I squat over on the toilet lid and release all this nasty shit.
Huge load of diarrhea on the lid and pissing as well to make more mess on it. For first look really disgusting and color is dark almost black.
I stand up and bending over front of your face present this messy poo smeared ass and I order you to clean my ass. This hole needs to be cleaned.
I tell you to use your tongue to make it clean all around and I slide 1 finger to play with.
Keep finger playing for awhile and pushing out more hemorrhoids. You love when I dig out even more shit for you and never can’t get enough. Then you know your job, be my good toilet slave forever and fulfill all requests of your blonde goddess.
I show you the big pile of diarrhea and just was I expected, stinky bit oil lumpy texture and some strange pieces inside. Have fun

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Gross, Explosive EPSOM SALT DETOX Part 1 ($24.99 ScatShop)

Include 7 clips the first part of the full version. Over on 4GB so I just had cut for 2 to being upload able. This video explain and show what will happening during Epsom Salt detox. I couldn’t film all poo and seriously countless the number of bowel movements. At the beginning I tell you what kind of detox I do for 2 days and hold the first glass of Epsom salt water taste is disgusting and so bitter. I have it after all more than 2 hours I feel xtremely bloated and poorly. I show you my big belly and would cry of discomfort but it means I’m on the right way to shit a big one. So I expected such a huge diarrhea like that. Touch it in the bowl bc so lumpy and particularly black n stinky. The second clip is just ridiculous because I literally make a big bowl of diarrhea I just call diarrhea bowl. So very much runny shit. I also between 2 clips couldn’t leave the bathroom just barely cleaned the mess and pick up the camera again. 😀 I try to tell you everything and explain how I feel but surprised how much shit coming out of me. I started at 4pm the first glass worked around 6.30 then continuously felt need to poo. In every 2 hours I had salt water exactly 3 times at evening then little rest. But I didn’t have any rest as my ass was squirting out everything haha. I feel exhausted and bit numbness but it’s normal during detox. I just wear comfy clothes no make up it’s just seriously me and my experience for first time. Watch the first part. Then the second part (WHICH IS COMING TI BE UPLOADED TOMORROW 19th of December) because these vids are belongs together. Have fun

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