Adult Baby starring in video Dirty Diapers Miss Medea Mortelle ($18.99 ScatShop)

Since I can’t really go potty yet, my daddy diapers me. I enjoy touching myself on the diaper. Whenever I press it against my crotch, it crackles so nicely. Then I urgently need to pee and after a few helpless moments I wee into the diaper. Now the diaper feels heavy and wet. I don’t feel like keeping it on any longer, even though daddy tells me to. I don’t want to be the good little girl anymore! Straight away, I take off my diaper. Now I will poo directly on it and then daddy must wear the shitty diaper!

Clip language is German.


Das ist ein besonderes Video. Normalerweise seht ihr mich nur in der dominanten Rolle, aber hier kommt meine private Neigung für Ageplay & Switching hervor. Mit meinem Freund hinter der Kamera kann ich diese Neigung hier frei ausleben.

Ich trage einen Strampler und flauschige Socken & erzähle euch, dass mein Teddybär mein allerbester Freund ist. Ich schmuse mit dem Kuscheltier und verfüttere ihm Süßigkeiten. Dort dann entdecke ich meine heranblühende Sexualität und beginne mich an dem Teddybär zu reiben.
Da ich noch nicht richtig aufs Töpfchen gehen kann, windelt mich mein Papa. Mir macht es Spaß mich an der Windel zu berühren. Immer wenn ich sie gegen meinen Schritt drücke, knistert es so schön. Dann muss ich dringend Pipi und nach einigen hilflosen Momenten pinkele ich in die Windel. Jetzt fühlt sich die Windel schwer und feucht an. Ich habe keine Lust, sie weiter anzubehalten, auch wenn Papa mir das sagt. Überhaupt will ich nicht mehr das brave Töchterlein sein! Schnurstracks habe ich mir die Windel ausgezogen. Kaka mache ich jetzt direkt drauf und dann muss Papa die vollgeschissene Windel anziehen!

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Carnaval Scat Party starring in video Natasha Cruel , Babi Ventura , Tay , Jessica ( Date Feb 26, 2022 )

Babi, tay and Natasha are happy and excited for the carnival party they will give tonight to her friends… but… who is that girl here? Is jessica and she was not invited for that party… she even has not wearing costume. The girls will help her with a costume, a mummy scat costume.

This movie doesn’t even deserve to be called “carnival” Miss the old scripted group scenes yall used to shoot with Proper models like Latifa, Karla, Chris, Diana just to name a few. With them I knew my heart would burst with excitement at every scene as Karla drops here watery dump on Latifa, pukes on her and eats it and then drops down to catch Latifa’s load and others creating this beautiful filthy artistic banger scene that makes guys rewind after every dumping… Today it’s just one sorry slave with 2 to 5 girls around her scott clean not even willing to touch anything, standard has dropped alot in my opinion, ever since the name changed to “Newmfx”. I Miss the old Queens, they’d be killing it today… Just imagine… just a honest assessment from a super fan

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Eat it All: 2 Ladies feed 1 Toilet starring in video MissMortelle | Aug 11, 2022 ($19.99 ScatShop)

Our toilet slave for today is a real shit addict. He really thinks he can take the shit of two dominatrixes! Lady Romina aka Whipping Polly and I will put that to the test today. First, my human toilet is presented to the new lady and I explain to Romina what can be done to this shit hole. We make fun of him and let him know that he will soon get his mouth stuffed with our piss and shit! //
I put a mouth gag on my slave, by which he becomes a human urinal. Through this device, my slave must swallow every drop of pee, or he will suffocate. //
As a first challenge, our toilet gets my stringent morning urine, which I had collected for him in a measuring cup. Taking turns, Lady Romina and I pour the dark yellow juice down our draining pipe. //
By the way, I bought the great toilet mouth gag from a gay store in Amsterdam. However women can also urinate in it very well. I will prove that right away. So I spread my legs and stand over my human urinal. In this sexy position I just let my juices flow and piss directly into my slave’s mouth. This lucky toilet has to swallow quickly now and you can already him coughing and gagging. Lady Romina and I are laughing our asses off. He must swallow my piss until the last drop! Then Lady Romina also has to take a piss so desperately! She pisses a real monsoon of golden shower. Half a liter more for our toilet. // In a small coffee break (in which my slave serves me as a couch table), Lady Romina and I discuss what’s next… You can probably already guess it: We have a lot of nastier things in our minds! // As soon as the coffee starts to take effect, I stand with my naked ass over our slave. Slowly I tease him and the camera and then hover with my divine butt hole directly above his mouth. Now it´s time to train our slave to become the shit toilet of 2 ladies. Let’s see if he can take the first portion of scat! He will have to eat everything that comes out of me! Watch my huge sexy shit sausage plopping out of my asshole and how Lady Romina helps me putting it in my toilet hole. My scat stinks so terribly today that Romina even becomes nauseous, but I remain determined. My slave must swallow everything! // After this first filling Romina makes herself comfortable on the toilet in the bathroom. Since her scat is still waiting to get out, you will get intimate insights into the authentic conversations between two dominatrixes. I show Mistress Romina my vaginal ring and explain to her what she can do if she can’t shit right away, but still wants to bring her slave toilet to its knees. // In the next scene, the next feeding awaits! Lady Romina crapped on a plate and brings it on the balcony, where I am already waiting with our toilet slave. Our bitch will be humiliated once again! First I pour piss into his face, then we stuff his mouth with Lady Romina´s shit. We are only satisfied if he swallows every single bit of this disgusting scat! Our slave is indeed a good shit-eater, but that´s about everything he is good for. // 37 minutes of sexy & mean toilet training! //

Clip language is German.

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Shit Sauce through a Mouth Gag starring in video MissMortelle | Aug 11, 2022 ($19.99 ScatShop)

My slave had the bad idea to build me a huge mouth gag… It is basically a huge bowl, leading into a plastic tube, which I can fixate onto his mouth. Now my slave is a living drain pipe…easily manipulated to consume my scat and piss.

I tease my slave by sitting on his face and giving my dirty talk. In this way he is distracted and does not notice that I am handcuffing his hands and feet… Now it is time to put the huge, evil mouthgag on my toilet hole. I am showing you the hole of the huge draining pipe and the humiliating tattoos on the chest of my slave: “Residual Recycler”, “Living Draining Pipe” and “Toilet Mouth”.

Once his mouth is stuffed with the draining pipe I am squatting on the mixer right next to my toilet´s head. He has to witness now how I pee into the mixer. Then I also unload a huge shit into it. Finally, I take an enema and you can see me fart out lots of shitty water. I am very excited to thoroughly mix this shit soup now! I turn the mixer to the highest level and you can see how my shit, pee and ass water get mixed into a delicious shit soup.
I feel very devilish as I am pouring the brown liquid into my slave´s mouth gag. Now he has to swallow everything I pour into his draining pipe or he will choke on my shit soup! My slave performs a good job as my swallowing shit hole, but in the end he vomits everything up the draining pipe again. See for yourself how he struggles.

Clip language is German.

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where are the foot lovers i fucked my ass sho starring in video BarbaraGinger (Scatbook)

where are the foot lovers i fucked my ass sho starring in video BarbaraGinger (Scatbook)

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Betty and the burglar (28.99€ ManureFetish)

A Burglar is breaking in Bettys place, he’s looking for valuables, as he’s looking through the place he’s hearing showering noises. He surprises Betty in the shower and pulls her out of it. He lets her suck his cock. After the short blowjob he’s pushing his load into Bettys mouth. He covers her face and boobs completely and shoves his cock right back into Bettys mouth. Betty also needs to relieve herself, so she grabs a glass to pee in it and to relieve herself on the toilet seat. The Burglar pushes her face into it so she can lick it off the seat. She covers herself even more in her brown waste. She drinks the glass full of her pee and continues to suck his cock. She also begins to give him a nice rimmjob right after they’ve fucked in doggy. Betty also masturbates and pees on the floor. Betty liked what the Burglar had done with her so he stayed overnight. The next morning, Betty prepares some breakfast. She doesn’t like the normal taste of the crescent roll, so she spices things up with her own brown cream. The burglar also wakes up and joins Betty in her breakfast. He doesn’t let Betty drink from the cola, instead he fills a cup with his own yellow pee, so Betty gets a nice warm drink.
After they are done with breakfast, they want to have fun again, so they both get back to the Bathroom. Bettys starts to blow his cock and masturbates at the same time. The Burglar needs to relieve himself again and Betty is ready for it. Betty smears her face again with his hot brown cream and also Bettys ass is full and needs to be emptied. So she relieves herself on the floor and smears even more on her Body. She wants to lick his asshole again, which the Burglar agrees with. After Betty is done with the rimjob the Burglar finishes off with a nice cumshot in her mouth.

1 review for Betty and the burglar
First of all let me say this movie is close to perfect (but i could not give it 5 out of 5)!
When having said that I think scene 1 is cool and I like the idea of the thief/burglar threatening Betty to do nasty things with him but there should have been a bit more acting (not that is has to be very long scenes as in the german Portrait Extrem and Avantgarde- movies had in those days) just something with a couple of more minutes Betty first refusing to play with him but then thinks its nice afterwards after a short while :-D. Then maybe him breaking in again and she would gladly fuck him – that was not really obvious that was that happening.
Other than scat-wise I think scene 1 was very good also with the pissing but I think scene 2 lacked more scat (Betty could not smear her as much as in the 1 scene) and piss and more eating and drinking from Bettys side. So I guess they just should have been more full before the scene hehe.
Anyway I think this movie deserves applause and I look forward to see more “normal” scat scenes with 1, 2, 3, 4 or even more men in it maybe also lesbians and men.

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