EmmasWorld – Using My Vibrator (€13.50 ScatBook)

I filmed this earlier for you guys, sorry for the messed up sound. My phone is a piece of crap and I need a new one lol. I had so much fun filming this and relieved so much stress, The moans are real, and so is the orgasms. I don’t do fake moans. I hope you enjoy guys! Would you want to be my vibrator pressed up against my pussy as i’m getting nice and wet all over you and you would feel my pussy pulsating as I get closer to climaxing? Ive been such a busy bee today. I figured I would spend some time on here uploading new stuff for you guys since ive been absent. Poop still hasn’t happened, but i will film it as soon as my digested food starts to make its move inside of me. Don’t be shy to drop me a message guys. Again I am in the process of responding to every single message, so if I haven’t gotten back to you yet. Just be patient with me loves 💕


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