FilthFetishStudios – Dirty Farts And DINNER – Goddess Madison (€19.99 YezziClips)


Goddess Madison is waiting for her food delivery to arrive! She is SO HUNGRY AND IMPATIENT for dinner! The video begins with Madison already seated on her slaves face as she snacks on some greasy potato chips! The slave is moaning under her PLUMP LITTLE ASS, Madison just loves that he HAS TO SNIFF HER DIRTY ASS CRACK! Madison has been so BLOATED all day and she has had the WORST GAS! All that fart stink is trapped in the fabric of her leggings which the slave has to suffer under! Madison BOUNCES and WIGGLES pushing the slaves nose deeper and deeper as she complains in a VERY BRATTY SPOILED TONE! She wants the slave to SHUT UP! She does not even want to hear him breathing!

Madison stands up and pulls off her leggings because she feels like there may be some FARTS COMING and the best place to release them would be her slaves nostrils! Madison TEASES AND JIGGLES her fat bum before gagging the slave and sitting back down! Her food is still 20 minutes away, Will her seat even survive that long? Madison keeps snacking as she SPREADS HER ASS CHEEKS and tells the slave to sniff! With each bounce, her BIG ASS JIGGLES, The slaves nose takes a beating as he begs her to stop!

Madison eventually gets up and commands her slave kneel! She pulls his head into her ass, spreading her cheeks as she STICKS OUT HER BUM! The slave CHOKES ON THE ODOR and tries to pull away but there is no freedom from her STINKY CHEEKS! You get to enjoy a POV SECTION as Madison spreads her bum and commands you take DEEP SNIFFS!

Madison takes a seat back on her slave and REMOVES HER THONG. She takes it off because she feels some FARTS COMING! Madison begins to spread her ass cheeks and release LOUD WET CRACKLY FARTS right on the slaves nose! The poor slave cries and pleads through his gag for her to stop but Madison LOVES Humiliating him! She starts to push HARDER AND HARDER as more dirty farts come loose, But all that pushing causes her to have a REAL ACCIDENT! RIGHT ON HER SLAVES FACE

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Filth Fetish Studios – A Very Dirty Breakfast – Goddess Madison (€19.99 YezziClips)

Goddess Madison just woke up and has a bad stomach ache! She doesn’t want to eat anything, she just wants to drink, water, coffee, and some carbonated lemon water to settle her tummy, and SMOTHER HER SLAVE of course! Madison put on one of her FAVORITE shows and then PLOPS DOWN on the slaves face! She sits full weight, pushing the slaves nose deep into her leggings covered ass crack, commanding that he SMELL the dirty stench! Madison has not showered and she knows IT STINKS down there, that just makes it more fun though! Madison bounces and crushes the slaves head before standing to remove her leggings!

Madison pulls down her leggings to reveal she IS NOT WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR! She has been letting silent farts go all morning and she does not want to RUIN any of her panties! Madison jiggles her ass for the camera before gagging her slave and having a seat back on his face! The video continues as Madison chugs water and coffee and BOUNCES on her slave! She pushes the slaves nose DEEP BETWEEN HER DIRTY ASS CHEEKS commanding that the slave SNIFF HARD! Her fat cheeks jiggle and bounce as the slave shakes his head back and forth desperately trying to get air! Madison spreads her cheeks multiple times, showing her anus to the camera as the slave SNIFFS HARD, desperate for any bit of oxygen he can get! Madison even lets a few farts loose! She is SO KIND to her seats!

Even after Madison’s show has ended, she continues to sit and smother the slave, her stomach is BUBBLING and she feels something coming, something that her slave WILL LOVE! Madison spreads her ass as she sits full weight pushing the slaves nose inside her anus! This video is VERY NASTY AND BRUTAL

The video ends with Madison releasing a BIG WET LOG OF SHIT right onto the slaves face! She quickly leaves the room as the slave sits with the feces soaking onto his face!

The post Filth Fetish Studios – A Very Dirty Breakfast – Goddess Madison (€19.99 YezziClips) first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.