LindzyPoopgirl – Corn Poop and Play ($7.99 ScatShop)

Oh my goodness, I LOVE corn sooo much… I gobble it down. It’s so hot and fresh and fills my tummy. I use lots of warm melty butter and salt. It gets stuck in my teach as a chomp and gnaw down. MMMmmm!!!

Then I eat more and more corn, and foods, breads and cheese for days! I eat until I’m ready to poop out the big balls of corn!

After three days of eating and holding in my poops, I return for more fun! I talk dirty and describe how horny and full I am before I show you my left over corn cobs and squat over them. The poop is soooo big, it’s pushing against my asshole, making it gape before I even start pushing out the turds. I grunt and groan trying to push out the thick, massive logs, and then moan in pleasure of the sweet release! The turds are HUGE and you can see the detail of the corn kernels engraved in the big long balled up shit!

I get so horny just looking at the masterpiece I just squeezed out.. It felt soooo good and my pussy is instantly wet! I rub on my pussy and clit, and grab the new corn on the cob. I rub the cob on my feet as I tease you with my golden toes… and then I start masturbating my gaping asshole with it. I fuck myself sooo good with the cob, and use my Hitachi vibrator on my clit until I cum all over the corn. After I take the corn out of my asshole, my leftover poop is stuck in between the corn kernels, so I lick and suck corn on the cob like a nice big dick with shit on it…

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LindzyPoopgirl – Shit Smeared and Squirting ($7.99 ScatShop)

I have been trying to hold my poops in as long as I can, to the point that I am pooping in my undies by the time I turn my camera on. I have been squeezing my butt cheeks together trying to hold the messy turd in my asshole, and there are skid marks and shit smears on me already. I get into position on my belly with my legs together and struggle to pull down my undies while still keeping my poops inside me.

I finally get comfortable to release, and it feels sooo good coming out of me. It’s a hot, warm mess on the back of my thighs. What starts out as a decent sized log, turns into a runny lumpy mess; shit is everywhere. I open my thighs to let the turd and the puddle that followed it run down the insides of my legs. I smash my legs together even more to spread it around. I flip over on my back and open wide, showing you my shit covered fucked hole. I am getting so hot and horny as I take what is left of the log and place it just above my cunt. I then make myself squirt all over!

I am not done though, the real orgasm is coming, and I need to play in my shit mess more. I take the log and smear and rub it all over my pussy, letting clumps of shit fall down me, covering up my cunt even more with thick shit. Now it is time to really play with my clit. I cum again, squirting even harder, managing to rub shit all into my pussy and still squirt through it with a clean stream of pussy juice.

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LindzyPoopgirl – Pregnant Anal Gape and Poop ($7.99 ScatShop)

9 Months Pregnant and getting this shit out of me in the diaper position… laying on my back with my legs spread… Gaping my asshole with lube so the shit slides out nicely and you can see inside my ass.

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LindzyPoopgirl – Dine and Dump ($7.99 ScatShop)

The first part is me stuffing my face! Very much enjoying a pizza and big bowl of corn… I hold in my big meal for 3 days, eating more and more, preparing for my big dump. My belly gets really big and bloated!

After I can’t hold it any longer, I slowly let out the biggest, longest turd ever.

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Foot long down throat, Foot long turd from my ass ($7.99 ScatShop)

Indulge in your feederism fantasy while I eat an entire foot long sub sandwich. I flirt, take off my top, and stuff my face! I talk dirty about how it tastes, how GOOD it feels to go down my throat and into my stomach, and how it’s going to feel even better on the way out ? I take off my dress, lay back and eat, then do a few poses to show off how big my belly has grown!

After my three day hold and continued stuffing, I’m ready to let it out. I open up the subway wrappers, and take the napkins and cup out, too. I squat over the wrappers and take a huge dump – over a foot long – in place of where the sandwich was. I pee into the cup, too. After showing off my giant, gaping asshole, I wipe using the subway napkin. I even measure my poop to show off my foot-long turd!

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Shit Sucking, Pussy Rubbing, Titty Fucking, Smear! ($9.99 ScatShop)

This Glamorous girl is ready for a big turd!! The first turd I squeeze out of my asshole is nice and firm, making my pussy so wet thinking about what I’m going to do with it.. I play with it, rub it, suck on it like a cock, and love it!!! I lick the entire length of my amazing shit, and suck on it while talking dirty and giving sexy, snarly looks. After my pussy is nice and juicy, I rub the hard shit against my hairy cunt. I use my hands and shitty fingers, getting very messy. The rest of the shit is nice and soft, so I just sit on it and smush it into my ass. I play, smear, tease, and drive you crazy with my sexy shit play!

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