Melania – Enjoy My Poop Loser Scat ($13.99 ScatShop)

“Hello, loser”. Can you guess who I am talking to? My ass has never looked sexier than it does from below peaking out from under my short skirt. You get a slave’s eye view. You will be masturbating without self-respect as you gaze at my perfect ass while I dig my heels into the slave’s mouth. I let loose a magnificent pile right into the plate. You will masturbate furiously—I can almost hear your little dick flapping around now—as I look down pitilessly at the sub-human struggling to eat my waste. you look right into my massive brown eyes, my luscious, full red lips. you abandon hope as your dignity melts away and you give yourself to pleasing me by degrading yourself. It has to actually consume. Since you have enjoyed the view of my slave you should live by the same rules I make for it. Finish masturbating and once you have spewed your filth lick up your sperm like a good little toilet.

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Melania – Diabolic Clinic – Shit & Vomit ($14.99 ScatShop)

In my clinic I got a new patient – my shit Eater. He came to me sick and he needed an ambulance. Now he will serve as a living toilet. Oh, I tease him and piss in his mouth. I’m Horny. The patient is not yet experienced, he chokes, vomits but I will teach him. He’ll eat his vomit with shit mixed in. How nice to shove in the ass food and give it to eat a slave with shit. I’ll help him, shove the shit down his throat. Vomit and snot are flowing him directly in his mouth. Open your mouth, swallow everything. Now you’re my toilet slave, you’ll accept all my fluids.

The post Melania – Diabolic Clinic – Shit & Vomit ($14.99 ScatShop) first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.