Miss Demona’s Filth – Girthy Monday ($27.99 ScatShop)

I hadn’t taken a shit since I had a human toilet over on Friday so it had been 3 long days. I really felt full and needed a release after a cup of tea. Coffee and tea really give me the urge to go like no other. I take you with me to the bathroom and holy fuck do I have to go! I am very desperate and it isn’t long before you see the tip of a big girthy one coming out of my ass. I thing for sure my asshole is going to rip but it doesn’t. It’s a struggle getting that out that’s for sure! I know there’s more up there, so I use my handy go to for help. I stick the suppository up my ass and pull out a shitty finger. Another turd comes flying out and I insert it again to get more shit out. By the time I’m done, there’s a big pile in the bathtub. I make a mess of the toilet bowl tossing the turds in. When I flush, the mess is still there. My ass is just as messy as you can see by the view on the way out. Enjoy!


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