MissAnja – 5 Days Held Massive Shitting On Silk Panty

I love so much wearing my silk or satin panties. So sexy on me and empasize my shape. This time I wear dark red silk string bikini. I touch myself in it and wanna tease you. Feeling so horny. Are you horny too? Do you wanna wrapping around your dick and jerking by my silk pants? What a great idea. But I didn’t poo in the last 5 days, seriously so wanna shit on my sexy bikini first then cumming for you or with you ? I take off the pants and show up my asshole, puckering a bit. I feel will be a hard poo to push but hopefully massive shit. So take off the pants turning behind the cam and I tell you I’m ready to release my loads on this silk cutie. Are you ready? I’m moaning during pooping because it’s so hard. Look at that what a massive shit. So nice to release it. I’m pushing until feel have more shit in me and soak pants in pee too. Then hold my big big loads with the panty and show you how big and nice and nasty shit. Heavy too. Would you like cumming with me? I wanna cum on my shit, so take my glass toy and start fucking my pussy until I have squirting orgasm. Nasty girl ? Did you come with me? I hope so. At the end also show close up the massive shit with holding in the pants. Stinky smells have in the room

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Title: MissAnja – 5 Days Held Massive Shitting On Silk Panty
Cast: MissAnja
Genre: Scat, Piss, Squirt, Big shit, Fisting, Solo, Dildo, Panty, Smearing
Duration: 00:15:13

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Massive Shitting

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MissAnja – Little Black Dress And BBC Fun Loud Farts

Title: MissAnja – Little Black Dress And BBC Fun Loud Farts
Cast: MissAnja
Genre: Scat, Piss, Farts, Big shit, Solo, Dildo, Panty, Smearing
Duration: 00:18:24

I wear my little back dress on with matching tiny Gstring underneath. I desperate seriously badly and tell you I going to shit myself pretty soon in my LBD if can’t release on myself within a short time. I tease you to modeling a bit in my dress and in every seconds I feel worst. I tell you I’m about to going out in this sexy but besides really have to shit. How I can handle the things right now? I can’t make it dirty with poo then i need to change my clothes on but on the other hand for sure underwear got shitty as I can’t hold it. 😀 I show off you my already shit covered Gstring on under my dress and ask you ‘Was it your dream to see me shitting myself in LBD before I go out?” Am I right? You can’t resist me while desperation so bad and shit leaking down on my leg. I can’t make myself dirty as I wouldn’t like to exchange my clothes to another. In doggy I pull over my string relief on myself and this massive poo was responsible for my misery and you can see dark seeds and green color in poo because of broccoli 🙂 Well as I already have shitty panty and dirty dress on decided to take my BBC Dildo and let’s have some fun. Are you up to? I talk to you dirty and start to gaping nice and wide over and over also pooping a bit more and telling you about I knew it that was your dream to lock me out of the toilet and make myself filthy. I ask you do you wanna destroy my asshole with your hard pulsating dick? Fuck me in my little black dress. I Fuck myself hard you can do the same. I fart on my dildo loudly several times to bring you so close to cum inside me. Filling up this little asshole do it, now 🙂 Have fun

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Loud Farts

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MissAnja – Fuck The Shit Out Under The Shower

Fuck The Shit Out

Title: Fuck The Shit Out Under The Shower
Cast: MissAnja
Genre: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Prolapse, Solo, Dildo, Smearing
Duration: 00:06:20

This video is kinda Ignore You one but I pay attention to make sure you get sexy view to ass and shitty asshole all over. I walk under the shower already naked and start with quick hair wash and put balm on then take a soupy shower tease you a lot by nice soapy ass. Slide finer gentle then grab my glass toy to do anal play. I am pretty sure need to shit but stuck inside so start to fuck my butt. I wanna fuck all the shit out of my ass and glass toy could help me. I slide in and out of my ass toy gets shitty faster than expected and I am able to push out some stinky sticky shit. I keep playing all around, spread my ass, bending over and just playing all over. My asshole dirty around, swollen and I push it so hard to release more and more of poo out. I spread butt a lot and you can admire my hemorrhoids asshole backward while I do. After this little dirty anal fuck I wash off the shit of glass toy clean my ass and I’m ready to get towel

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Sporty, Flexible Girl Rear View Shitting/Taste Poo starring in video MissAnja ($9.99 ScatShop)

Watch me wear a sport bra on with black leggings and zipper sweater on. I guess you know I’m flexible girl who loves stretching and working out to keep myself shape in. If you didn’t know about know you got it. I love showing off my round ass in sexy tight yoga pants or even leggings. I start with some teasing, doing some of stretching and put my leg next to my ear. My fave pose so far to stretch my body. You get lots of tempting ass view from behind and talk a bit sexy. In this video I don’t focus on talking much as usually, I focus on especially to tease you with my body to emphasis I am a naughty, sporty girl! Emphases my naughtiness with great ass views until I poo for you. After stretching I get on my knee in rear view to camera and remove on half way my yoga pants but don’t take it all. Grab my glass butt plug and start playing around which is make me shit easily. After pooping I keep playing with messy asshole and encourage you to play with me. You love my dirty shit covered asshole don’t you? It’s always so much fun to fucking me in your mind. At the end I lick my shit off a bit from glass toy and taste it. Smudge on my tongue. Sweet. Do you wanna taste as well? Have fun!


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Jerk Your Dick To My Nasty Scat Top starring in video MissAnja |Ultra HD 2160p | January 22, 2022 ($69.99 ScatShop)


Watch me desperation so badly at start. Literally I can’t hold it anymore feeling I have. Lot of bad cramps in abdominal and lot of nasty shit hiding inside. I stand naked at the shower, butt plug inserted to my ass. After about 2 minutes or bit more of desperation no way to hold it any more longer, turn around and backward release a super nasty, lumpy brown-greenish shit straight into my hand (just the amount I could catch creamy poo leaking out of my hand and I just push my ass hard and comes out more nasty shit for you. Then comes the huge turn on for you nasty boy. You are already jerking your dick like no tomorrow so the only way you can cum if you obsessed to me and being obedient. I give you JOE (jerk off encouragement and some instructions combined with dirty talk) and I just making my new scat bra then scat tube top and telling you such a dirty things how you jerk your dick against and cum all over on my nasty top. I bet it isn’t a tough order to you right? I smear my lumpy stinky poo on perky tits, order you to worship my natural small tits, squeeze them, hold them by your hands. I smear poo on my armpits too. After 10 -1 cum countdown you will obviously shooting all your cum all over on me. Have fun!!

Length: 12:56s
Resolution: 3840×2160
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB

Sold By: : MissAnja
Categories: Desperation, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery


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MissAnja – Ferrero Roche Dessert For Slaves ($14.99 ScatShop)

Your Goddess needs to shit so badly. She’ll make such a nice full of chocolate Limited edition Ferrero Roche for slave. I bet you’re licking all around your mouth of thoughts what a delicious and sweet treat on the way.
Well at beginning I don’t talk to you much because need to poo so so badly. Those cramps in abdominal makes me struggling badly. Actually as I couldn’t hold it just little time I grab that clear bowl where I catch all my nasty chocolate right away. Like a chocolate volcano haha. You get hungry in that once you see leaking out of my ass. So after shitting big one for you pissing on it to give more nice texture and in squat I talk to you dirty about this sweet treat. I know you have sweet tooth don’t you?
This warm chocolate paste looks amazing straight from the best Goddess ass. Well I’m so excited to treat and feed you with it. Let’s make it.
Such a nice treat from me to you because I just talking to you all over about you can’t even touch me but taste me it’s mandatory. Are you ready my dear shit slave!!! Let me prepare your own Ferraro Roche!
I flash my ass quickly in doggy and ask you to worship but I see on your face you’re so very hungry like a wolf.
I start spoon my shit out of the bowl by hand and filling each scoop with it nice and gentle. Look so delicious and yummy isn’t it?
I will tell you how to eat them it’s not a rush. I have strict rules to you. First just sniff my shitty chocolate. I order you to lick it up and I act it how to do. I bet you’re more than hungry and excited. You’re greedy when see my shit ready to served!! Just like this time!! Be nice slave to your Goddess and obey her! Have fun


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MissAnja – Huge Load Of Diarrhea On Toilet Lid ($16.99 ScatShop)

The video filmed in 4K resolution!
From the beginning I need to poo badly and suffering a lot. I have no idea how I going to hold it for so long probably no way.
I feel how this nasty poo leaking out of my asshole and made dirty my cute panty with some skid marks on.
I show off you bending over this poopy smeared asshole. So my poo which is actually looks a gross diarrhea still leaking out of me. Stinky and disgusting to look.
My belly so big full of shit obviously. I tell you going to shit a big one so I squat over on the toilet lid and release all this nasty shit.
Huge load of diarrhea on the lid and pissing as well to make more mess on it. For first look really disgusting and color is dark almost black.
I stand up and bending over front of your face present this messy poo smeared ass and I order you to clean my ass. This hole needs to be cleaned.
I tell you to use your tongue to make it clean all around and I slide 1 finger to play with.
Keep finger playing for awhile and pushing out more hemorrhoids. You love when I dig out even more shit for you and never can’t get enough. Then you know your job, be my good toilet slave forever and fulfill all requests of your blonde goddess.
I show you the big pile of diarrhea and just was I expected, stinky bit oil lumpy texture and some strange pieces inside. Have fun


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Gross, Explosive EPSOM SALT DETOX Part 1 ($24.99 ScatShop)

Include 7 clips the first part of the full version. Over on 4GB so I just had cut for 2 to being upload able. This video explain and show what will happening during Epsom Salt detox. I couldn’t film all poo and seriously countless the number of bowel movements. At the beginning I tell you what kind of detox I do for 2 days and hold the first glass of Epsom salt water taste is disgusting and so bitter. I have it after all more than 2 hours I feel xtremely bloated and poorly. I show you my big belly and would cry of discomfort but it means I’m on the right way to shit a big one. So I expected such a huge diarrhea like that. Touch it in the bowl bc so lumpy and particularly black n stinky. The second clip is just ridiculous because I literally make a big bowl of diarrhea I just call diarrhea bowl. So very much runny shit. I also between 2 clips couldn’t leave the bathroom just barely cleaned the mess and pick up the camera again. 😀 I try to tell you everything and explain how I feel but surprised how much shit coming out of me. I started at 4pm the first glass worked around 6.30 then continuously felt need to poo. In every 2 hours I had salt water exactly 3 times at evening then little rest. But I didn’t have any rest as my ass was squirting out everything haha. I feel exhausted and bit numbness but it’s normal during detox. I just wear comfy clothes no make up it’s just seriously me and my experience for first time. Watch the first part. Then the second part (WHICH IS COMING TI BE UPLOADED TOMORROW 19th of December) because these vids are belongs together. Have fun


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MissAnja – Massive Explosive Diarrhea ($12.99 ScatShop)

Script is easy this time, I woke up and within a few minutes, I was in the bathroom with bad abdominal cramps probably of spicy meals for dinner. I was suffering long hours through night time. Friday early morning I had started my day with huge, massive lumpy stinky explosive diarrhea. I started to record the clip and after few seconds felt no way to hold it and shit was leaking out of asshole then quickly turned around and like a diarrhea fountain released at the shower. Impressive portion of diarrhea that’s certain.
I keep pushing a bit more and pissing a lot with strong stream then flashing my super dirty ass, hemorrhoids and the smelly mess at the shower. So tell me what else could be much better like start your weekend with a gross diarrhea… Have fun!


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