Scatshop – Missellie8 – MegaScatPack

This woman has lots of names. She also goes by Ellie Shae and you can find some of her other stuff on the site.
These are her videos on scatshop, some not even available for download. There’s videos of her shitting on the floor, pissing, vomiting, and a few menstruating. Often, she takes it further and puts the body fluids in her mouth, sometimes swallowing. Lots of dirty dildo licking. All videos are solo. Most of them, she looks femme, but other times she looks like a masculine tomboy. A lot of videos are self shot of her on the toilet.


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Model: missellie8
Name: naturally-wet-farts
File size : 40 Gb

missellie8 – (7 x 6.84 GB)

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