Lola – Hand Humping Scat Humiliation ($12.99 ScatShop)

It isn’t a full consumption scene, but it’s probably the best toilet humiliation I’ve made to date. The scene starts with a lot of spitting on the slave’s face. A good amount into the mouth, but also a lot up the nostrils and into the eyes. I also clear my sinuses by blowing snot from my nose directly onto the slave’s face. While softly humming a tune to myself, I empty my bladder into the slave’s waiting mouth. I was very, very turned on. Copious copulence. My wet pussy drips into the slave’s mouth as I fill it with My shit. I pack the shit into the slave’s mouth with my hand. It has to hold it inside its mouth. I add water to the mouth and make the toilet gargle the shit-water. The toilet does an excellent job swallowing the liquid sewage that I have filled its mouth with. I let it jerk its little penis. This slave has a less-than two-inch micropenis, and erectile dysfunction, so even when fully sexually aroused he’s still very soft and emasculated. His small penis is a part of why he’s not a man and will probably make a better toilet with proper training. I make the slave roll onto its belly and hump its own hand while keeping My shit in its mouth. When I’m finished using the toilet, I make it lay on it’s back, still keeping my shit in its mouth. It is NOT allowed to spit it out. I will add more shit to the mouth later.

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