padronagaia – Mistress Gaia – Worship & eat my shit (€9.99 YezziClips)

When I use my slaves as a toilet, I do shit right in their mouth; unfortunately this has a disadvantage: I can’t get my ass cleaned up with their tongue, since now it is all dirty with shit. Today, however, I will use another method with my female slave: I will shit on her chest, so that her tongue remains clean and I can use her as toilet paper for me, cleaning up my dirty little hole. Of course, that doesn’t mean she won’t have to eat my shit afterwards; when the cleaning work is complete, I’ll put all the shit in her mouth and she’ll have to eat everything.

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padronagaia – MISTRESS GAIA – HARD LESSON OF SHIT (€13.99 YezziClips)

My bitch was preparing to receive My daily shit, but as usual she forgets to prepare My mask, paper and many other things … I will be very fierce for these small failings ….

La mia cagna si preparava per ricevere la Mia merda quotidiana, ma come al solito si dimentica di preparare la Mia maschera, la carta e tante altre cose… saro’ molto spietata per queste piccole mancanze….

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Padronagaia – MISTRESS GAIA – DEVOTED WC ($11.99 ScatShop)

CUSTOM REQUEST – The video shoot point is placed under an open chair so that your ass is visible when you sit down. You walk in wearing the nice skirt and you walk to me laughing and insulting me, saying you’re here to use your toilet again and that you can not wait to have a good crap.
You sit in the chair above me, so that Your majestic ass domains on me from above, and order me to stand there and wait for your shit mature.
In the meantime, grab a phone and call a friend, and start talking to her about me, mock me and humble me and take fun of me with her on the phone, you explain her that I’m your toilet and how you use me… then at some point you ask her if she wants to use me too, you take a picture with the smartphone and you send it to her and she laughingly says of wanting to use me willingly. All this while I am from the bottom powerless and helpless, in front of me there is your ass and I’m waiting look majestic your ass widens to drop the shit in my mouth.
At the end you say goodbye to your friend, you shit in my mouth and you go laughing …

Your devotee human toilet

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Mistress Gaia – Disgusting breakfast ($14.99 ScatShop)

It’s breakfast time for my slave. You can imagine what kind of breakfast: my piss and shit. I have made him wear a straightjacket, because I don’t want him to be able to touch his cock. When I feed him my shit, he always plays with his cock to get aroused; being aroused makes easier for him to eat my shit but, today, he will have to consume everything without any kind of help. To make things even more difficult, I’m going to piss and shit in the same bowl. The resulting brown stinky mixture is really disgusting and he must eat everything like a dog, with his face inside the bowl, without using his hands. This slave is very pretentious and thinks he is my best slave. If this is true, he must be ready to do even the most disgusting and revolting things for his Mistress, things that other slaves refuse to do!!! Come on slave, put your face into the bowl and eat!!!

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Two useless slaves at work ($12.99 ScatShop)

Today I have two useless slaves in my cage. Some slaves are good as maid, others as ponyboys, others as whipping-boys or money-slaves, but these two are completely useless; I have to keep them in the cage, otherwise, instead of helping me, they would make a mess in the studio. However, I want to give them another possibility, the last one: today I’m going to use them as toilet slaves, hoping that, at least one of them, can be useful as a human-WC. I order the first one to get out of the cage, lie down on the floor and keep his mouth open; I squat over his face and I deposit a nice piece of shit in his mouth. It’s not a big one, nevertheless, he starts gagging and I fear he can vomit on the carpet. I order him to chew and swallow but he can’t, the shit is still in his mouth. I don’t want him to spit it out, tehrefore, I put a piece of tape on his mouth; he will keep it until he swallows everything. I call the second slave; same procedure. A lot of shit fills his mouth but he immediately starts swallowing and soon his mouth is empty again. After all, this slave can be useful: as a full toilet-slave!!!

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Mistress Gaia – A clumsy toilet slave ($15.99 ScatShop)

Today I’m am with this asshole slave. He never shuts up, always wants to have the last word, sometimes I can’t really stand him. Today he has a cold and has a husky voice but, nevertheless, he goes on talking; now he’s complaining that my dungeon is cold during the night and he gets sick. There is only a moment in which he stays quiet: when he’s eating my shit. Yes, because he is my human toilet and eating my shit is for sure what he can do best. Today, I first make him lick the soles of my dirty shoes; it’s a good appetizer for what is going to come. Then I need to empty my bladder: I put a funnel in his mouth, so that he has to drink everything and not even a drop is wasted. Unfortunately, this stupid slave is so wimpy that cannot hold the funnel in his mouth, spilling some pee on the floor and making me angry. Filling is open mouth with my shit is the right reward for his clumsiness. I squat with my asshole over his mouth; I have a lot of shit today and my slave cannot keep up swallowing, but I don’t care, he has to eat everything. I pick up the pieces fallen on the floor and put them into his mouth. But I’m not finished yet: I see the ashtray, which is full of old cigarette butts: they ends up into his mouth too. What a filthy sewer this slave is!!!!

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Mistress Gaia – After vacation feeding ($9.99 ScatShop)

I have been on vacation the last couple of weeks and I could not use my personal slave as a toilet. He is used to eat my shit every day and, after such a long period of abstinence, he is now craving to eat again my very precious caviar.
I have positioned him under the rimming seat and blindfolded him. I don’t want him to see my ass and pussy; he is only a toilet, a sewer and toilets don’t have eyes!!
I start shitting in his mouth; I’m in a good mood today and I give him time to chew and swallowing, before releasing the next piece of shit. More follow (I have a lot of shit today!!) and unfortunately, a few miss the target; no problem: when I’m done, they too end up in his sewer mouth. Everything coming from his Mistress must be swallowed and digested by my personal slave

The post Mistress Gaia – After vacation feeding ($9.99 ScatShop) first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.