Scathunter – Poop Doggy Dog – Bitches Aint Shit ($18.99 ScatShop)

Hello my mistress, I’ve looked at the clips now and they really made me very horny again. Ohh I dream more and more about licking your pussies and assholes while you all fart in my face loudly and often. How I would have liked to have the huge mountain of shit pressed out of the bowl into my slave’s face. How gladly would I have you stuffing turd for turd in my mouth and forcing me to chew and swallow everything. That is the feed back for the clip

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This megapack include scat actions in form of lesbian scat and anal sex. You will see beautiful girls with big butt doing dirty stuff. Sex acts including: shit in mouth, scat kissing, anal sex, Dirty Ass to mouth, Scat Blowjob, Puking, Smearing, etc.

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Animal Instinks (Imani Vs Stephanie) Featuring Helga – Scathunter

Welcome! Hi Hey Hello!!! I am soooooooo happy to say that you the fans have kept this thing alive and found a way for a studio like this to continue operating in spite of it’s challenges!!! This movie and every movie moving forward will be produced and live on because of the strength in the scat community!!! Pat yourself on the back here before your hand is too tired to pat anything hehehe This movie literally has everything I have ever dreamed a scat movie should be! I would like to say I absolutely loved how much shit and scat there was in this film it was just never ending it seemed like haha!!!! What a movie! You all wanted more shit well you got it and some haha! All of the girls really shit there brains out! Helga shitting at the beginning to me was so incredibly hot! Especially because I was informed that Helga would only be conducting an interview…I had no clue that she was going to surprise the girls with a large hefty load of her pretty brown scat! So needless to say when she bent over and began releasing that monster log I immediately turned on my vibrator lol Helga is so effing hot like I just cannot understand where he gets these amazing women from!!! (Well he did find me too lol and I’m quite amazing as well! hehe) Anyway watching them chow down on Helgas fat load literally made me cum so hard! And then watching how they ate every last drop of her shit?! I mean they didn’t waste a drop! I was so blown away.All of it was consumed. Then Imani holds the plate up and says were out of scat! O man at that point I just knew this was gonna be such a great movie! These just keep getting better and better and better! Just when you think they cant possibly get better, Scathunter produces another masterpiece! The way that Imani was swallowing in this movie was insane! By the way I noticed Imani has a new look and wow she is BEAUTIFUL! Im impressed by her. Her ass is now ridiculously large, and I must admit I am a little jelly haha I have a huge ass but nothing compared to hers! Stephanie was a powerhouse in this movie as well. The way that the two of them swapped and shared scat together and genuinely enjoyed it seriously had me soooooo horny it was alarming lol There was a part where Stephanie was slurping up scat and Imanis vomit from the floor that had me so turned on by her submissiveness! Especially when Imani was cumming and she was drinking her squirt, that was so hot. I wish I could have traded places with her and been the one soaking up that yummy cum. 100 out of 10. I had to watch this movie twice just for it to sink in, and I am probably going to watch it again tomorrow as well hehe. For all of you who pre ordered just remember you made this happen! And you got it at half price Just keep in mind we will be doing every movie this way moving forward so you will always have the chance to get in early. Thank you all again for your continued support and we really hope you enjoy this one!

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Scathunter – Vulgar Valentine (Helga Eats Shit) (34,99 € YezzClips)

Hello everyone anddddddd we are back! Fucking Yayyyyy! I just want to take a moment and let you all know we had to take a small hiatus due to the pandemic rearing its ugly head again for the last few months.So many testing positive so many cancellations and postponements. Things now seem to be getting back to normal so hopefully that means we resume a normal posting schedule as well, fingers crossed! Also it was good timing because I was tied up in a shitty relationship for the last 7 months anyway.but thank goodness I am single again Sooo this movie features the extremelyyyyy beautiful and young Helga, who I must say I was veryyy attracted to! (See, you all get to see her in the mask, I get to see the actual photos and videos of her hehe!) She is not only super pretty but has an absolutely amazing body! Let me just start out by saying this.She did not disappoint! I was sooooo impressed by her performance and the utter real pleasure she was experiencing as she sucked on her own shit and squirted everywhere; my gawd! FYI. I may or may not have squirted with my vibrator to that scene hehe Mr Cheeks sure knows how to pick them! So this movie starts out with her getting smacked and her mouth spit into. HOT. He then pees in her mouth.and she swallows. Not just a little bit, but quite literally all of his peeeeee! I was not expecting her to swallow it like that. HOT. He then eats her ass and has her shit into a bowl,where he then proceeds to feed it to her. (He also snuck in a few licks of her big shit log as it was coming out of her asshole.) HOT. She actually swallows a mouthful of her own shit as well! HOT. I was shocked she was able to do that. She sucks his cock covered in shit and then swallows his cum. HOT. And for the finale she cums so hard eating her own shit using a vibrator and squirts a ton. SO HOT. I know we all waited a while for this one but it was truly well worth the wait! I am so excited to see what is next! But as for my personal rating, I have to give this one, once again, 5 stars. She is just way to hot and way to nasty in this film for anything less! Yes I know I give them all 5 stars, but am I wrong? Do they all not excel? I mean seriously his girls are not only super hot, but have amazing bodies and do the absolute NASTIEST shit I have ever seen in my life! Also FYI I hear this girl wants to get really involved with some of the other girls Hehe Enjoy! Here’s to your nut lmao

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Lookin Like Mariah Carey (Big Booty Panty Poop Mess)

So I decided to invite Raquel over to play some video games and hang out with me. She showed up looking hot as fuck and her ass extra big. Im pretty sure she gained about 5 pounds in her ass since I last saw her! Which to me is a good thing and I am sure most of us would agree. So anyway when she showed up her hair was blonde and I thought she looked exactly like Mariah Carey! And her ass is fat like hers too, there is def a strong resemblance lol which made this shoot so exciting! I was able to indulge in her spit, piss and her shit. I also was able to catch a few big farts in my mouth as well which always makes my dick hard! Her pussy as you will see in the video was soooooo wet and I swear she was creaming herself this entire shoot! She was soooooo fucking horny which made it all so much better!!! So as most of you know this was my first panty poop video I have shot and I have to say I absolutely loved it. To be more truthful I have never done a panty poop scene in my personal life either! Its always right into the mouth! But I loved the strong smell as she pushed her shit out into her panties, it’s something you normally do not get when it goes directly into your mouth, im not sure why lol But it was incredible to see it live and in person pushing and forming a nice bulge in front of your face, which I was able suck, lick and taste through her panties before actually diving in directly to it! I guess I was always scared if I did it this way it would not be as exciting or I would miss out on the thrill of it but boy was I wrong! I also got lucky because she shit enough where I was able to catch a couple of good logs directly in my mouth anyway so It really worked out perfectly!!! I swallowed pretty much everything that came out of her and then busted a huge nut all over her big round shit covered ass! This encounter was extremely satisfying, and I myself cannot wait to go back and watch it and jerk to it a few more times!!! Cheers!!!

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Carlton Hotel Scat Room Number 3 Dirty 1 (Pleasurvation At The Shits)

Welcome back scat lovers and Welcome to your reservation, I mean pleasurvation, at the Shitz-Carlton hotel, room number 3 Dirty 1! Out of all of the movies I have seen thus far, this one has to be the most dirty, and probably the most enjoyable movie yet for me. As some of you know I am bi And what turns me on the most about another woman besides the obvious, is authenticity and sincerity. In this movie Valentina goes all the way, a total home run! She literally let loose and let her wild, dirty side take over, and drive her to a massive messy orgasm!
I absolutely loved how she allowed herself to experience that kind of erotic bliss while the camera was rolling, this one really got me hot! Ok enough of my gloating So the movie appears to open up at a restaurant where she is in deep thought regarding her last experience with scat, and thinking about her next one. She then contacts Mr Cheeks and asks him to meet her at her hotel the Shitz-Carlton, in room number 331…or 3 Dirty 1 LOL. When he gets there he wastes no time worshiping her curves and her thick booty. She is dressed in a super sexy pink dress, with matching pink heels and lavender lingerie.
After he spends some time with his tongue in her asshole, she delivers a big stream, or a flood rather, of her pee. He is then greeted with a nice 5″ inch or so log of her scat directly into his mouth, where she then meets him immediately down below to lick and suck on the turd with him. After they exchange dirty kisses and enjoy some scat mouth play, Valentina then begins to rub her pussy with shit.
She stuffs it into her hole while she uses a vibrator on herself. At the same time Mr Cheeks fills her mouth with shit and commands her to have an orgasm while she devours and sucks on her own shit. She eagerly accepts it into her mouth and continues to savor the taste as she climaxes and has a big shaking orgasm on the table! He also eats her shit covered pussy out, but I think he was just trying to eat more of the shit out of her pussy then anything hehe Her pussy was swollen shut on the inside as she finished up her juicy shitty cum load. She wasn’t done just yet though…She offered up yet another ass goblin for him to orally poach directly from her fat cheeky source He wastes no time chowing down and swallowing whatever was left as she latched onto his nipples and cock for a last sucking…They exchange one last passionate kiss before he explodes his cum all over her shitty asshole. One last question as he wraps it up, how did it taste? Her answer? Delicious. And that is how I would also describe this sexy movie, delicious!
So before I sign off here I just wanted to make a small announcement Mr Cheeks has been working on me for quite sometime lol and I have also had countless messages and emails regarding photos of myself and if I would ever consider trying the fetish… So here it is…I have finally agreed to do a movie with him! Yayyyyyy! I am not exactly sure when it will happen but I also would like you all too know, although I have agreed to a movie it will be him totally receiving my load only lol I will not be going the distance…however I am looking forward to it as well as your awesome feedback! See you all soon!

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Behind The Scenes (Over 53 Minutes Of Never Before Seen Footage!) – Big Booty Scat TV

Behind The Scenes (Over 53 Minutes Of Never Before Seen Footage!)

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Depraved Maids (Forced To Eat Shit) starring in video Michelles Hell

Hey babes welcome back to some of the most amazing scat content ever created! This video features Imani and the beautiful 18 year old Michelle! Imani really embraces her roll as a dominate force in this film which is right up my alley! I could not believe what I was seeing as I watched this, it has to be the most REAL reaction of terror depicted in a scat domination scene I have ever watched lol Michelle is so young and so innocent, and Mr Cheeks described her to me as a delicate marshmallow and boy is he right on point hehe He let me know prior to this film she had never even had her ass ate out or ate anyone elses ass out ever. Let’s just say there were a lot of firsts in this film for Michelle! The fear and horror that she was experiencing was really turning me on as she was dominated by Imani and her big booty full of what seemed to be never ending shit lol! The way that she continually forced it into her mouth and almost fought her at times to fill her mouth with her scat was amazing!! One of my favorite parts of the movie was when after Imani first shits as Mr Cheeks helped hold her face against her big bottom, after the initial terror of first tasting shit, she suddenly stops fighting as hard, and says wait, this actually doesn’t taste that bad! Wow! That was a great moment! At times I thought she was going to cry I really was not sure what to expect! If there was one thing this movie gives you I have to say, is absolute authenticity of the experience, of a drop dead gorgeous young girl, who is experiencing an incredibly hardcore event. I have no idea how he continually finds these women, I mean Imani is so hot, and her body is just sensational and Michelle was like one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen!

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