Steffi poop and pee in public

Experience life as nothing but a human toilet for a beautiful, superior, alpha woman! This is what I’ve decided you are from now on–my personal septic tank (and for my hot gfs when I invite them over!). And that’s it, that’s all you do is stay there all day and get your face pissed and shitted on all throughout the day by your hot female owner. I’m your god, and you’re NOTHING to me but a septic tank to degrade and humiliate…receiving my divine excrements in your mouth is a blessing in your pathetic existence. I mock and laugh at you, flaunting my hot body and reminding you how you got to lick my feet and the bottom of my shoes, until now. The ONLY thing you get, and your ONLY nourishment is now from my ass and nectar! And since you’ve been SUCH a good little toilet slut, I’m going to reward you. While you were waiting in here like a TOTAL loser, I got fucked in bed. Here’s a nice creampie straight from my pussy for you to consume as well! haha!!

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