Slave Eats & Mummified in My SHIT ($34.99 ScatShop)

Mistress Veronica is about to take this toilet slave for the ride of his life! She binds him tight in layers upon layers of tape around his body and inserts a medical gag into his mouth then proceeds to dr0wn him in her piss. Seeing he is enjoying it too much, she puts his pathetic cock and balls into some hardcore fucked up twine bondage to make it extra painful. This is when Veronica lets out the most horrible grossest Farts EVER!! Mistress Veronica feeds her slave straight from her asshole, not once but TWO DIFFERENT TIMES in this video, Giving him enough shit for multiple toilet slaves EACH TIME! Naturally she forces him to eat most of it and makes sure you get the best view while you hear him chewing through the crunchy bits of her shit. Some how he still managed to miss multiple shit turds. Veronica grabs them, smearing them on his face and cock, then wrapping him up in the plastic tarp, mummifying him in it, and forces him to cum while inside. Once he gets off, she has a little interview asking him how his experience was while he is STILL encased in shit.

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