WeLoveShit – ?+ ?= ? (€8.99 YezziClips)

Today I would like to do something special for you, something really extreme and dirty: I want to paint a picture for you. But I do not have colors and palettes. But I have a lot of shit. I know that you are afraid of that but I also know that the idea is a big turn-on for you and your cock is already getting hard. Taste the aroma and think how lucky you are: many slaves would like to get this picture from me but only a few are allowed this privilege. But I want to do more with you: I want you to eat my shit!!!


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Live Shit Eating & Smear + Scat Art – WeLoveShit

This is the teaser to the nearly 10 minute live scat session which was for a personal request, and while the scat art was for sale, the video was not and we’re posting the full video only for our fans to enjoy! If you want to get a custom framed scat canvas of my shitty play to hang on your wall, please message us and we’ll get taken care of! If you want to buy shitty panties or other shitty clothes, send us a message and I’ll get back to you. FULL VIDEO ON SCATBOOK!


The post Live Shit Eating & Smear + Scat Art – WeLoveShit first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.