Filthy ShitLovers Complete – Matilda P1 ($12.99 ScatShop)


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With my toilet slave tied up and placed beneath the MasterMind Craft’s toilet chair, I unwrap and enjoy a bar. The slave looks up at my ass while I happily partake in my favorite indulgence. I know the toilet slave is scared because his breath gets quicker. I pee into the toilet device. It goes down the tube and into the slave. Then, it’s time for the slave to have its chocolate. I have a big movement. I push the movement down the tube and into the slave. I grab a large handful and pack it into the slave’s mouth. I make the slave say “I love you” while its mouth is packed with shit. Once the slave swallows everything I gag it and lead it back into its cage. I tell the slave to try and get some rest. I’ll be back and expect it to consume again shortly.

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