Huge Messy Panty Shitting Pregnant Compilation ($11.99 ScatShop)


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I do not show my face in this video. This is a series of clips I took with my phone while 28 weeks pregnant! I had a lot of fun in this video, first I put an in-panty vibrator (vibease) right on my clit. As it vibrates I shit and piss my panties standing up and you get full views as this messy poop fills me up and gets smeared all over my ass. This was an incredibly messy shit ā€“ super soft and it got all over my floor. I talk the entire time in the video and my vibrator gets me to cum at the end. The end of the video has some photos I took of the end of my shit-covered panties, and my pussy/ass and you can see how iā€™m just leaking being so turned on.

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