Messy Bath Enema ($15.99 ScatShop)

I haven’t shit in a few days and I’m dying for one. I go to the bathroom and use a suppository. I fart up a storm but still no poop. I try two and the same thing. I am so desperate to shit, I take the shower head off and use the hose to give myself an enema. I squirt out a ton of water from my ass. Still no poop. Finally after I sit on the toilet and wait a bit, I feel the urge and sit back on the tub and let loose. A messy turd comes flying out of my ass and brown enema water splashes all over the tub. I show you the mess and scoop up the gross pile of shit into the toilet. It stinks badly. I show you the mess in the toilet and my shitty ass before saying goodbye.

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