Miss Larissa – ScatCollection – 17 ScatVideos


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The sadist domina uses her helpless slave the way she wants, whenever she wants, for whatever purpose she wants.
the slave must accept any brutal punishment and abuse, regardless of how ugly or painful it is. Miss Larissa likes to have fun. Lots of it indeed! She can use any mode of punishment to get satisfied, and this sadist Mistress can not be easily satisfied!
The brutal Mistress is a refined educator. She believes that excessive pain is the best method to teach a slave who he really is , and to whom he really belongs.
Miss Larissa’s favorites are :
Degrading human toilet training with an open mouth and no taboo, chewing and swallowing all her sacred scat! If Miss Larissa desires, the slave must consume his own shit as well…
Extreme CBT with brutal, fresh stinging nettle leaves. Real torture for a real slave…
Brutal fucking of the slave’s cock hole with large metal dilators…
Hard whipping the slave’s worthless body…
Footfetish. Licking and worshipping Miss Larissa’s big black leather boots, whether clean or gracefully smeared with her sacred shit…
Outdoor brutal torture and toilet training…



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