Mistress Gaia – After vacation feeding ($9.99 ScatShop)

I have been on vacation the last couple of weeks and I could not use my personal slave as a toilet. He is used to eat my shit every day and, after such a long period of abstinence, he is now craving to eat again my very precious caviar.
I have positioned him under the rimming seat and blindfolded him. I don’t want him to see my ass and pussy; he is only a toilet, a sewer and toilets don’t have eyes!!
I start shitting in his mouth; I’m in a good mood today and I give him time to chew and swallowing, before releasing the next piece of shit. More follow (I have a lot of shit today!!) and unfortunately, a few miss the target; no problem: when I’m done, they too end up in his sewer mouth. Everything coming from his Mistress must be swallowed and digested by my personal slave


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