Now it’s a ritual for me, after my coffee I immediately need a good cigarette and of course my slave already knows that he gas ti stay with his open mouth ready to collect all my ash. Between one puff of smoke and the other I continue to relax but nevertheless perceive the need to empty my beautiful tummy. I would say that the coffee did his work!! I can hardly hold it back anymore. At this point I order my slave to open his mouth as much as possible. He has to be my human toilet and obviously he has to eat everything !!! At one point his mouth is so full that he even struggles to chew it. I don’t care !! My poop is not to be wasted !!! Anything that he will not be able to swallow will end up directly smeared on his face until he is completely covered. I look amused at my masterpiece, his face is really unrecognizable but after all this reminds him the place he occupies and from now his new name will be SHIT FACE … lol.


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