ModelNatalya94 – Real slave licks the toilet brush ($25.99 ScatShop)


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In this video you will see Olga, absolutely full and real toilet slave. Olga decided to play with shit and a toilet brush. Olga is on her knees near the toilet, she licks the toilet lid and inside the toilet with her tongue. Then Olga closes the lid, sits down on the toilet, turns her big ass on the camera and pisses, pissing urine on the lid and on the floor. Warm nectar spills over the lid with a large and powerful waterfall. Then Olga shits, you will see how the shit comes out and remains on the lid. Olga sits down and crushes shit with her ass. It is warm and completely adheres to Olga’s body and smears on the toilet lid. Olga kneels down again next to the toilet with a dirty ass, she lies face down in shit and smears her face completely in shit. Then Olga takes a toilet brush and picks up shit on it, she removes it from the toilet lid and then eats from the brush. Olga eats shit from the toilet brush, completely licks the toilet with her tongue. This is a real toilet slave and she really likes it. Then Olga sits on the toilet lid, spreads her legs and masturbates her clitoris with a toilet brush. Olga moans with pleasure, she brings herself to orgasm. Shit and its smell drives Olga crazy and she cums. Yorshik rubs her pussy and Olga gets a kick from it. When she finished, Olga snoav knelt down and again cleaned the toilet lid with her tongue. It’s fantastic. You should see it and enjoy watching it the same way.

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