My Doctor Listens to Me Poop My Pants! ($9.99 ScatShop)


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How do i get myself into these uncomfortable pooping situations!?!?!?
My problem is, I haven’t shit in 3 days because I have a problem with gastro-paralysis that my doctor has even prescribed me medicine for. But it has been acting up and I can’t go, it hurts so bad!!!
So I call my doctor and he advises me to drink some coffee to see if that will finally push all that poop out…so I take his advice and lo and behold, soon after I feel my ass activating! I tell my doctor that I think it is gonna come out soon….
Holy moses! It turns out my doctor is a big freaking PERVERT and asks me to let him listen to me shit in my pants while on the phone! What the hell!?!?! I am shocked at first, but then I realize that I did notice that he was always kind of attracted to me!
I keep teasing him, putting the phone near my ass so he can hear it crackling….then he tells me he is jacking off in his office alone listening to my poop fill up my jean shorts. I keep teasing him, telling he is a nasty boy, naughty pervert, and so on!
Who would have known my doctor was such a freak!?
Anyway, he then asks me to sit down and squish the shit that is in my shorts :O) So I do, and describe it to him, it is all wet and mushy! I smash it and it makes a big poop pancake in my shorts LOL It gets all over the floor and all over my legs….you will love watching it plop out of the legs of my shorts!
Then I take off my shorts and show you the load, and then show you up close my dirty ass smeared with my poop!
This is a very very very HOT and FUN clip! These are my favorite kind of clips to make, sexy, naughty, but always FUN! I hope to let YOU indulge your pants-pooping freak self, too!
Have fun!!!

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