SamanthaStarfish – Amanda Shits In My Mouth! ($16.99 ScatShop)


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Amanda has a huge load of shit in her ass! I want it in my mouth so bad! I need to see her beautiful asshole open up and watch that monster load of shit fall into my mouth!

I lay down on the floor and Amanda squats over my face. She starts to push and I start to smell the poop in her ass! My pussy’s all wet and I’m so excited! I can’t wait any longer! I need her poop in my mouth! I open my mouth wide and beg for her shit! Finally her hole opens up and this amazing load of hot, smelly shit comes bursting out and falls right into my open, waiting, mouth! Her shit keeps coming and falling into my mouth! I can’t believe she has so much poop in her ass! My mouth is over flowing and there’s shit all over my face!

When Amanda’s ass is empty she looks down at me and see how full out mouth is! She kisses my shit filled mouth and starts to smear her shit into my skin. It’s so warm and feels so good! I love how dirty I feel with a mouthful of Amanda’s shit!

Watch us get really dirty! We smear her shit all over and kiss each other. Amanda chews on her shit and makes is really runny and wet with her spit! She spits it out all over my tits! I suck on her big nipples. We roll around and get so dirty together with Amanda’s shit! We are two very happy, dirty, scat girls!

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