SamanthaStarfish – Crazy Dirty Scatfest! ($14.99 ScatShop)


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Wow! Check out this amazing dirty, filthy 20 minute Scat Fest!

I love getting filthy and covered in poop! I start out with a nice big pile of poop! I smear it all over my body! It smears perfectly over my big boobs and belly! I get so horny when I’m smeared with poop! I decide to stuff my shit up my pussy! I shove so much shit up my pussy and then shit it back out again! It feels so good pushing shit out of my pussy! And it comes out covered in my girl juices! I keep pushing it up my pussy and shitting it back out! I love how good it feels!

Then, I start to push some little turds back up my ass! I shit these turds out and now they are going back up my ass! I get out a little glass toy and pack my shit in deep! I fuck my ass with it and then fuck my shitty pussy with it! I love dirty hole hopping! I am getting so filthy and covered in poop! I love making a big, nasty shit mess!

I push some more poop up my pussy and push it out again! It comes out so wet and pretty! It think this shit would look so hot smeared all over my face!

Once my face is covered in poop I push the shit back up my pussy! I love stuffing my cunt so much! And especially with a shit smeared face!

This is one crazy, HOT video! If you love nasty, shit smearing and cunt stuffing, then this is going to be the perfect video for you! The whole time I am smiling and giggling and talking dirty to you! Because I truly love to play with my poop!

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