(ScatShop)Emily Milk – MegaScatPack – 108 videos


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Description:This site copro is a rip of all 108 videos currently available on Emily Milk’s ScatShop store. For those of you who are unaware Emily is trans, so if you don’t like your girls to have dicks then this probably isn’t for you. The store page says there are 52 items however a lot of the videos are actually two to four separate videos listed under one purchase option which are either the same scene but shot from different angles or the different angles edited together into one video. All the videos are solo scenes with Emily where she does various things including; shitting (she shits in every video), smearing shit all over herself and wanking with it, shitting into a glass, shitting into/through fishnets/tights/pantyhose, fucking herself with a banana, shitting into panties/diapers, shitting onto a pizza and eating it, fucking herself with a dildo/buttplug and fucking herself with her fingers.


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