Shitting on the phone in the tub ($9.99 ScatShop)

You’ve never seen content like this from me before. My stomach cramped up really bad so I ran to the hallway bathroom to relieve myself. I took a massive shit, but it was relatively solid and normal. I assumed I was done for the day but within an hour I was running to the main bathroom. Poop gushed out of me in a massive brown waterfall. I have NEVER had diarrhea this severe. After all that, I thought I couldn’t possibly have any more in me and that it’d be safe to take a bath. BIG mistake. I felt what I assumed would be a fart so I held it for a second so I could get my phone camera ready to film it for my fart fans. (If that’s you, check out my fart clips here on Scat Shop.) To my horror, a thin thread of shit snaked out of my hairy asshole into the water I was laying in. I just kept shitting. It was absolutely mortifying to be laying their in my own filth like that.

Before I get into the tub you get a great view of the action as I squat on the toilet in a deep plie that showcases my bare beautiful feet. If you like feet and poop this is a great video for you. Also features my extremely hairy pussy/ ass, muscular legs, and my giant clit. There’s even a POV looking down into the full toilet shot with some big clit play. Watch my hairy asshole gape and contract. Be sure to check out my other poop videos.

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