Step by step to perversions and toilet adventures ($29.99 ScatShop)

First simpering steps turned to quite confident actions. Stormy fantasies come true. Emmy is becoming more and more depraved and perverted in her actions and desires. She loves smell of shit, she loves shit, but most of all she loves dirty enema and diarrhea
1. First steps of toilet sex
The first desires, first attempts at dirty copro sex. Emmy crouches over the cock, wags her ass, sits. Ass opens up and tightly covers him from all sides. Languid, slow movements, pleasure of fullness. Desire to play pranks comes immediately. Enema helps not just clean up, it helps to relax, to liberate, open the inner self. Liquid shit with water escapes from ass, splashes out on Vey. This is just the beginning. The next day Emmy wanted to really give a shit on him, on his cock. Cock shudders, rises as the shit falls on him, engulfing more and more. These are just the first steps, will be more to come
2. Oh and strong diarrhea was at Emmy
Oh what strong diarrhea at Emmy. Shit comes out of her ass, oozes out, and she farts and pisses at the same time. Cacophony of crackling farting sounds fills bathroom. Diarrhea is good, diarrhea is cleansing, pleasure for ass, relaxation for body. Emmy likes diarrhea, she now generally likes to shit, she is happy to push back her ass and shows everything without hesitation. For her, this intimate act was revelation, recognition of what dirty girl she is with dirty desires

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