Waking Up and Messing

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Waking Up and Messing 00000

Waking Up and Messing 00002

Waking Up and Messing 00003

Waking Up and Messing.ScrinList

I filmed this clip when I got up one morning, already diapered from the night before and feeling the sudden urge to having my morning potty routine. Since I’m already diapered, and no one else is home, I take advantage of this opportunity. Without much effort, I push a load into the seat of my diaper. It feels so good to do this! I miss being able to do it on a regular basis. After I’m done doing my business I show off my full diaper. There’s a funny little mishap that some might enjoy at the end that I decided to keep for you to see. 🙂

Name: Waking Up and Messing
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:06:58
File size : 513 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

Waking_Up_and_Messing – (3 x 200 MB)

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Mistress Gaia – My female slave shitting in diaper

Mistress Gaia - My female slave shitting in diaper 00002

Mistress Gaia - My female slave shitting in diaper 00000

Mistress Gaia - My female slave shitting in diaper 00001

Mistress Gaia - My female slave shitting in diaper 00003

Your know that your female slave sometimes wets in her panties and you make fun of her for that. You slap and spank her like a little girl and put her in diaper, laughing at her. You make fun of her because she must wear a diaper, while she cries and says that she doesn’t need it. You leave her alone, still in diaper, and, when you are back, you discover that she has shitted herself. You show her all dirty. You change her diaper, then you shit in another diaper and push her face into your shit (if she cries, it’s even better; she must undergo all what you want), you laugh and show her dirty face to the camera; you denigrate and verbally abuse her and say that it will get worse and worse for her. She will become your toy-baby….

Mistress Gaia - My female slave shitting in diaper.ScrinList

Name: Mistress Gaia – My female slave shitting in diaper
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:15:14
File size : 431 MB
Resolution : 1918 @ 1080

Mistress_Gaia_-_My_female_slave_shitting_in_diaper – (3 x 150 MB)

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Silicone Goddess Antonella – ScatShop – MegaScatPack – 107 ScatVideo

This rip of all 107 videos available on the ScatShop silicone goddess Antonella store page. The store page lists 108 items, but one of them is a custom video purchase option, another (“My puppy brought me a gift”) is listed twice in the store for some reason, and finally, another video (“Slave licks hot caviar off my leg”) is actually two separate videos under one purchase option. Some of the videos are solo scenes of Antonella doing things like peeing in a glass or bottle, shitting on a plate or tray, and farting in her pantyhose/tights. Most of the videos are femdom in nature and involve slave girls, mostly men, although there is one scene with a female slave. She does various things in the video including: pegging, sitting on her face, shitting in a slave’s mouth, giving slaves enemas, canning, and fisting.




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Mistress Jennifer Carter – Peter’s Days of Sodom!

Peters-Tage-von-Sodom 00001

Peters-Tage-von-Sodom 00000
Peters-Tage-von-Sodom 00002
Peters-Tage-von-Sodom 00003

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 1
The insatiable Peter is at the door of Mistress Carter Studio early in the morning! To serve the mistress in hope and to fill his stomach with the special delicacies from in-house production!
Although Peter is lucky and gets his hoped brown gold his mistress, but he has this time made the bill without the landlady! Because the mistress simply turns the tables and instead of just fulfilling the slave’s request for a caviar donation, she takes Peter’s services for several days! Because according to your favorite film the 120 days of Sodom you are planning a very special long-term therapy for your novice! Whole 5 days, the slave will feed himself only by Mistress Carter excretions and his bondage begins today!

In this video Mistress Carter shits over her slave into his mouth then rubs it on his chest and cock.

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 2
The second day in Peter’s long term toilet training has started and Peter’s stomach growls already! Luckily Mistress Carter has always been in a very good position and is looking forward to shitting her cock! This is how Peter can fulfill his service in the fullest satisfaction of the mistress, his nipples are fixed with a nipple chain! Once pulled on the chain, the slave gets his mouth open! And already the Mistress drops a wonderful soft sausage in the open mouth of your toilet!
After Mistress Carter has fed her slaves by hand, it’s time to try the latest toy she has bought on her novice! The magic word is Pissholer Set and the dilator will torture Peter’s cock properly to keep his lust in check!

In this video Mistress Carter shits and pisses into her slave’s mouth then sounds his dick with a beaded toy.

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 3
Mistress Carter already suspected it the day before and now it has happened! Overnight she got her days and today, Peter will get to know not only the yellow and brown, but also the red delicacies of his mistress on his third day of his sodomy education!
In curious but joyful expectation, Peter tears open his slave mouth wide! The mistress pushes and already works her way into the toiletmouth next to a beautiful golden morning pee, long deep-red threads of divine blood! To sensitize Peter’s tastes even more, he gets served again today a steaming sausage! Finally, the mistress expresses your completed tampon like a sponge over the red-smeared face of your novice!

In this video Mistress Carter shits, pisses, and spits into her slave’s mouth. She also drips period blood onto his face.

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 4
Mistress Carter is in a good mood! Not only is it a wonderful day, she is pleased to serve Peter on his 4th day of his education, an extra-large portion of your divine brown gold!
Extra, it has only a touch of nothing to seduce your slave not only with your delicacies! But you realize so slowly that the personal toilet slave of Mistress Carter comes to its limits!
Will Peter also record Mistress Carter’s caviar on the fourth day of his sodomy experience, and what’s behind the bonus clip? Questions about questions you will get answered when you get this video!

In this video Mistress Carter shits, pisses, spits, and ashes her cigarette into her slave’s mouth then jerks him off while fingering his ass and makes him eat it all including his cum.

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 5
5th day and with it Peter’s last day of his long term toilet training! Full of anticipation for the finale of his education, the novice waits obediently in the studio for his mistress! But the mistress still leaves a little behind, because she has brought extra reinforcement for the finale! Miss Helena will test Peter’s toilet talent in addition to the mistress! The examination committee has arrived and begins to put the novice to the test in the final test! Fruits from the ass of the Miss, plenty spit of mistresses, pee, caviar, vomit, own sperm and bloody tampons are there to chew and swallow! This Peter’s cock is tormented properly and he is forced to cum even before he gets the caviar of the mistress! Because he also has to learn to work when he is no longer horny!
Experience the brilliant end of a long-term education, as every toilet slave can wish!

In this video Mistress Carter and her friend Helena shit, piss, and spit into the slave’s mouth. They torture his dick with their feet and jerk him off.


Name: Peters-Tage-von-Sodom
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 02:35:36
File size : 4.47 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

Peters-Tage-von-Sodom – (5 x 1000 MB)

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Abigail Dupree – MegaScatPack – 26 Scat Video

Abigail Dupree clips are ALL solo scat, piss, enema and vomit play ( 1 clip). She poops in her panties, in plastic panties and jeans. She smears and licks her shit, fists herself anal, gives enemas to herself.

More fetish related content: Boots, overknee socks, colour play, ass-to-pussy, ass-to-mouth, nurse play and more.

Clips: 26
Playtime: 6 hrs. 39 min.
Size: 30 GB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720 (11 clips); 1920×1080 15 (clips)
Language: English


AbigailDupree_.part1.rar – 6.84 GB
AbigailDupree_.part2.rar – 6.84 GB
AbigailDupree_.part3.rar – 6.84 GB
AbigailDupree_.part4.rar – 6.84 GB
AbigailDupree_.part5.rar – 3.15 GB

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Josslyn Kane – MegaScatPack – 115 ScatVideo

Josslyn Kane is a fit chick with nice tits that used to be scat model on ScatShop.com. Unfortunately it seems that she has closed her store given that there are no any new clips from her for some time now. A pitty…
He clips are solo scat. Here you will have lots of scat smearing, masturbation, dildos, anal dildoing, cosplay, panty pooping, on the floor, in plates and even baking with shit…

Tags/Sex Acts
scat.smearing scat shit.on.floor shit.in.mouth panty.pooping dildo lingerie masturbation cosplay anal.fisting



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ElenaToilet – Toilet Service for 3 Girls

Toilet Service for 3 Girls with ElenaToilet 00003

Toilet Service for 3 Girls with ElenaToilet 00000
Toilet Service for 3 Girls with ElenaToilet 00001
Toilet Service for 3 Girls with ElenaToilet 00002

Godess Elena gives full scat service to male slave with her friends. After a round of pool and fucking each other with a dildo, they decide to get a slave involved to shit on.

Toilet Service for 3 Girls with ElenaToilet.ScrinList

Name: Toilet Service for 3 Girls with ElenaToilet
Permission: HD
Duration: 00:33:53
File size : 1.52 GB
Resolution : 1280 @ 720

Toilet_Service_for_3_Girls_with_ElenaToilet – (4 x 510 MB)

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Fuck the Shit Out of Me!

Fuck.the.Shit.Out.of.Me! 00003

Fuck.the.Shit.Out.of.Me! 00000
Fuck.the.Shit.Out.of.Me! 00001
Fuck.the.Shit.Out.of.Me! 00002


Slow and steady, or Fast and Explosively, In the pussy and Out the ass!
This is a cumpilation of Women (professional, semi-pro, and amateurs) being worked on by someone via Dick, Dildo, Fingers or Fist.
Fucked till their Booty’s Erupt!

Name: Fuck.the.Shit.Out.of.Me!
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:46:43
File size : 2.02 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

Fuck.the.Shit.Out.of.Me_ – (4 x 700 MB)

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Let’s see how can curl up to CRAP (07.10.2021) Special Donater Request with Dirty Betty

New ultra hot video) With the most vulgar and crazy content!) piss on himself, shit awesome liquid shit (laxative) in position upside down, smeared all along the ass and the face (and also taste) and many more!) Want to get a great, small, super sexy video? So what are you waiting for? Great price, and a full optimization with all smartphones complement your purchase)

Title: Let’s see how can curl up to CRAP
Cast: Dirty Betty  – https://spankpay.me/scatporn
Genre: Scat, Piss, Diarrhea, Big shit, Solo, Eat shit, Drink pee, Pantyhose, Smearing
Duration: 00:04:43

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File: dirtybetty – let’s see how can curl up to crap.mp4
Size: 545072920 bytes (519.82 MiB), duration: 00:04:43, avg.bitrate: 15408 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (rus)
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 24.00 fps(r) (rus)

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